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Originally Posted by Tiny View Post
Hmm, Krakens revenge is a kinda good skill too lol, multiple pistol shots is good, thats what it does right? activates adrenaline rush and takes the cooldown away?
Krakens revenge just simply makes all monsters (not counting bosses I think), and players who has lower bps than you at a certain rate (I think) all afflicted by Black Spot (It doesn't hurt them, fyi). The Black Spot is the debuff towards targets that allows you to always activate Adrenaline Rush without needing cooldown, thus instant Eagle's Eye for a certain period.

Originally Posted by Tiny View Post
So i spoke to help desk after such mixed answers anddddd....

Scurvy is the only pure pirate skill, going anything-anything-pirate gets EVERYTHING but Scurvy.
EVERYTHING Except for Krakens and Scurvy. Don't forget. They didn't mention it properly.
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