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IT is getting worse. Now I get Dc 3 to 4 times a day then get the BS message server is busy, well what is my VIP 6 good for, they say it gives priority log on. What VIP 6 really means is I am an IDIOT for spending too much money on this trash. Also, the pre-event dc is starting to get old as well. And this last event saying one could get a +6 stone or gourd or exemption token is BS what one per server or one per the whole f**kin game! Tried on 20 chars so far and not even one. But you know they will have some azzclown article with the one person who did win interviewed on how lucky he/she /it must feel. and the shill will gush about TQ's greatness and the rest of us will just want to stab ourselves in the eye with a fork because this game is SH!TE and I hope for the day when it shuts down so I can escape the madness. The money I wasted over the years could have been better spent on practical things like hookers and blow...
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