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Oh well, It's 5 am and I need to be doing my summer reading (This blows), but I like to live vicariously through these posters because I'm too lazy to post... ok not really. I really live vicariously through.... myself. I'm kind of weird like that. I mean, I'm not the type of guy that you think "Oh, he's a Nerdface who thinks he's all that at playing Kurt Cobain songs on Guitar Hero: Epic Pwn4ge edition, when in reality he's just a nerd." I mean, I have a girlfriend who is hot in my eyes. She's australian though. Lemme tell you, Australians are very blunt about everything. If you have a bad idea, she's not afraid to tell you... Oh no Sir. One could go as far as to say she's a *****. But that's the type of crowd I hang out with. The type of crowd where if they knew that I played a game like this, they'd eat my genitalia and feed it to my pet Yak. Well not that drastic, but they would ridicule me for a while. I guess I have to deal with that sort of thing. Social life sucks, right? If you have the slightest imperfection, it's like a social suicide. Take a couple months ago for example... I broke out a (****...Had to grab your attention, I saw you were dozing off) bit, and those 2-3 weeks were like hell for me. Losing all my confidence, I didn't take Lital (My Girlfriend) out on any dates for fear of her seeing my pubescent body take over in the form of acne. Now that's long since past, but that's the social life we live in. If you want to be a prep, you have to act like it 24/7 or else you're doneskii (Thanks stitchie for teaching me that word). Now if I put forth this much effort into my summer reading as I just did with this WALL OF TEXT then I could be like 1/100 of the way done. Summer reading's a biotch. I have to read "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn," "The Absolutely True Story of a Part-Time Indian," and "The Jungle." Leave it to the liberal teachers to give us a book about the Pro's of socialism (The Jungle). I read the first 100 pages of that book and man, lemme tell you... BOOOREFEST. God, He spends the first 50 pages talking about some wedding that has absolutely nothing to do with socialism. He's a babbling fool... just like good ol' Huck Finn. Kid is 13 years old, and has seen more killing than a "24" Marathon. If you're still reading this post by now, then (In the words of Dr. Cox) "You re-he-he-he-heeealy" need to get a life. Not really. I shouldn't be criticizing the people who are reading all of this, it takes a whole heavenuva lot of determination. I hate Obama... I mean, what has he done thus far to improve our country? He wants to take over 1/7 of our economy and he can't even run "Cash for Clunkers" correctly. what on earth will this country become under the "Messiah's" ruling? Sorry Mr. O, You can keep the change. Well that was my political rant for the day... I wonder how long i can keep going. Oh yea, so I ordered a T-shirt from and I tell ya, that's probably the best 10 bucks I've ever spent. It's a cartoonish devil who has a second place ribbon on and he's crying with the fiddle in his hands. It coincides with "The Devil Went Down to Georgia," by The Charlie Daniels Band. It's a great song. But I wont stick to that as a topic. It's just a great song. I keep getting all these offers in my e-mailbox for porn sites... now I'm not one to look up porn because, A, I have a girlfriend, and B, I like to work for my pictures. I want to be able to say "I swooned that girl into taking off her clothes." That's the kind of man I am. I've also never tried pot, or alcohol. I've been offered the stuff more times than Scicon can say LMAO BOOM in his sleep, but never once have I stooped that low. I like to say I have sometimes just to be cool... but kewl kids have never done that stuff. I guess I'm a prep that doesn't want to be a prep. I don't like to conform to all of their traditional preppy stuff with the alcohol, drugs and such. I have cheated on my Girlfriend once or twice, and that I will admit over here because no one will ever know. Well, It's 5:13 am. I'm gonna pull an all-nighter so I can finish my Summer Reading. You're probably asking yourself why I'm trying to finish it tonight with school being a week away and that's a good question. See, Mum promised me if I finished it by wednesday, she'd go out and either get me the new Iphone or a Laptop of my choice. Which one should I get? I'll let you guys sleep on that one.
"Being unknown is a great thing."
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