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Originally Posted by DrakeArconis View Post
they don't need to. its a free to play and dl game. you free antivirus doesn't like it when EVERYOTHER antivirus says its safe and you want tq to explain themselves....

you gonna stand in a burning house till the fireman explains why you need to move?
My Anti-virus ain't free. I have a legit license good for a year. FYI.

Sorry but i trust my anti-virus, that's why i have it. If it says something maybe wrong, well maybe there is. Been playing CO for years now, with this AV. My AV only updates virus definition files, not like CO.exe that's always changing w/ every patch. I'm not forcing the issue but still, i believe players deserve some sort of explanation from TQ as to why should my AV (again, its not free and its not AVG) react to the latest patches on CO as if (given the benefit of the doubt) there's a trojan.
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