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RoRL !!!!! ......... NoOne o.O

Where u ppl ?? wheres -Perf who win GW every week ? wheres ur Friend ? waters ? archers ? all Gone !!!

Delron Quit
DarkTro Quit
all is Quit o.O

Wtf Egys Win at the last o.O

hey yo ppl make quit bcoz we will not win any war again !!!!!!!!!!!

mada and mido only can fight n win ???? Why ????

Bcoz all u ppl nops or like my friend say ( NUBBA ) cant kill em or play when u ppl saw em come to ga (o.O mada here lets Run we cant do anything lets run fast ) we cant do anything wiz mido and mada king and prince who can fight like wat mada say

BB ppl i will quit for ever or i think i will back to my server leo i have tro 135 2nd

BB Cya All

No -RayDeN again its gone away

plz all let co its sux now



If it's a war you want, then it's a war you'll get!

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