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Ok, before the the economy of the servers crash, could you please implement something that is going to get more cp out of the server? Considering the only cp you get for 'free' (in other words, not from shopping mall) are from qualifier, ctf and guild war.

When you think about how much the average player is spending on lotto, slots, chi, donation board, shopping mall nothing is being paid out. Since we do not have any VIP privileges, all we get are quests/events that give us exp, study points, stg's and even dragonballs! WHICH AT THE MOMENT WE CANT EVEN SELL BECAUSE THE SERVER ECONOMY IS THAT BAD!

There is no NPC to exchance db's for cp which is probably the core problem. I can understand from a business point of view starting off the server with no npc's that can exchange the db's as the server can start creating turn over. 2 years down the line after players spending thousands of dollars you guys still have not come to some sort of understanding that the server needs to generate output to create input! Otherwise the economy is going to go down hill, players will leave, you guys will be out of pocket.


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