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Originally Posted by <ishida> View Post
Thank you!

Another suggestion is to bring back the elemental arrows. It was convenient for low level characters with out good gear to level and pvp

And flags in market, it may reduce the amount of scamming. As well as sell with out losing profit on higher priced items 3% is a lot from auction. Even if it is a few flags. Even having two rows on one section. Nothing beats browsing the market looking at people's items for sale. More interactive and will reduce the world chat chatter from sales.

I think as you are being charged 3%, the 3% should either be put into higher drop rates e.g lottery/slots/pve. Or the 3% could be split between the servers top 50 player(s) on the donation board, queen/king/prince/duke.

-or just donate the 3% to Flux, i wouldn't mind 'shmiles'
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