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LiLAnGeL698607 11-06-2007 16:09


HaZarDouS 11-06-2007 16:09


Originally Posted by Valkyrie (Post 6679670)
itamouse :D

oh the one who always begs lol.

xXErraticXx 11-06-2007 16:09

forums hate me :(

Sum0 11-06-2007 16:10


Originally Posted by *ItamousE* (Post 6679604)
ooo, nice dance *watches munching on popcorn*

o.o".....will stop dancing for now ..i ish tired x(

Tanzeh 11-06-2007 16:11

I'm maxed out right now
I'll rep when I can again

HellazN 11-06-2007 16:11


Originally Posted by HellazN (Post 6682832)
Are you calling me a cutie? Well I sure hope you're a girl. :cool:
No more shinies, maximum is 11 bars. :(
I have 1924.

Pepped you back btw, C-dot.

Ok, why the hell did my post go all the way back 300 pages. o_o

Tanzeh 11-06-2007 16:12

o_o Why do my posts keep dissapearing?

KrAzY 11-06-2007 16:13


Originally Posted by LiLAnGeL698607 (Post 6679553)
Whoevra just nepped me for like 5 points :p next time grow a spine and leave ur name =.=

it was me muuwhahahaha!! j/k i think you would notice 41 point loss lmao ;)

blessguy 11-06-2007 16:14

damn sumo u are a rep ho e o.o

LiLAnGeL698607 11-06-2007 16:14

Yesh i prolly would tho i lost 10 points in da last 10 mins cos 2 ppl nepped me :(

Tecuh 11-06-2007 16:15

Good morning.

blessguy 11-06-2007 16:15

i can nep u for more if ud like

ur avvy is too sexy please remove ;>

Tecuh 11-06-2007 16:16

Good morning!

Sum0 11-06-2007 16:16


Originally Posted by blessguy (Post 6679729)
damn sumo u are a rep ho e o.o


HaZarDouS 11-06-2007 16:17

i > sum0 in reps :(

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