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StaticQuo 12-22-2010 12:41


Ahmed.k? 12-22-2010 14:29


Originally Posted by *~panda~* (Post 11428986)
hater makes him famous ;d

aint his chars so he can't sell up, and I do admit 2.0 is fun now n then with a maxed out chars lol. I kyng of egybts ty.

but in all srsness, with the dmg boost do you still need stig? monk-war-tro could work. If you really need stig make wat-monk-tro I guess.

you do need stig....before the dmg boost you wouldn't be able to 1 hit a maxed out trojan equal to you (gearswise) even tho he was 2 bp behind, with stig + the dmg boost from weaps = 23k

stgs based firetaos aren't 1 hittable either, so stig is needed here. :o

we reincarnated 2 firetaos into monk warr fire, serenity saved our asses/maps for multiple times, now the *****es resorted to herc herc herc instead of pstar pstar zap lol.


Originally Posted by Janix (Post 11429099)
Hate you always! Except sometimes / most of the time. :mad:

In all honesty, based on what you just said- didn't occur to me before lol. wat-monk-tro it is :p.

Now quit - quitting/breaking and move your ass. We need you meng :(

-Edit- was just looking up the skills you get.. And no matter what combo you only get Serenity?? I thought maybe you got ghost shackle thing :( ah not really worth it then I guess?

I'm trying to level but.... :(


Originally Posted by *~panda~* (Post 11429212)
thing is, a 367 (soon 369) bp char has totally no need for reflect as most people hit bloody **** damage on him anyway, rather make it something useful. Remove detox refineries n put counteraction in its place. if you get fogged, serenity. nullifying the chance to get critted, game over for any opponent simply because you still got stigged herc rolling for full damage AND having high counteraction. max damage you can take is 5k from p-attack. those that can't kill you in one hit you can pot off, poison star was one of the few threats left to high bp people. Not anymore now that serenity can be passed on lol

we don't have dual clubs, just pzap when ganged by 3-4 firetaos that is. :p

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