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SloaksLady 12-23-2004 23:29

Questions about Quests? Reply Here
Hello newcomers to Conquer. Welcome to the wonderful world of fighting monsters and battleing players. If you have any questions about ANY quests, please reply here, and someone will be happy to help you :)

Prudens 12-25-2004 22:13


Which quest is worthy of our time?


necromancer 12-26-2004 01:19

Atm? If u find one, tell me.

SloaksLady 12-26-2004 01:26

well at the moment, and to be completely honest, I don't like any of them. The most popular one we have is the meteor tear quest, but people only do that because you have to have a met tear to get a divorce. The new Christmas quest are alittle fun. Try them.

Chemistry 12-26-2004 07:59

when u are lvl high.. go for a moonbox quest.. fun

SloaksLady 12-26-2004 08:37

moonbox quest....takes forever. ;)

BadKarmaPA 12-26-2004 12:20

Santa's stancher/dye quest for gems :D

Any others? Seems to only appear once in a blue moon :(

Duantless 12-31-2004 02:50

Hi...can anyone tell me how to get to new desert??
i'm doing the jade kylin quest...but can't find new desert.
thanks in advance..:)

SloaksLady 12-31-2004 10:36

new desert map begins...

go to desert city, take conductress to mystic castle. When you are in front of the portal to mystic castle, (dont jump in it) jump all the way left then down till you come to another portal besides BladeGhost. Jump in it then all the way right, and go up till you find the NPC you are looking for :)

Duantless 12-31-2004 23:31

thanks alot lady...cheers :)

Teress 01-03-2005 08:53

The only quests worth doing (in my opinion)

MoonGem Quest - Very VERY long quest but you get a gem worth 1-2 million (probably not smart to do this quest now since the market is full of gems from the santa quest)

Elite Archer Coat Quest - Trade a few gems for an elite archer coat. It is only worth doing if gem prices are real low (which they should be under 100k with all the gems from the santa quest)

Moonbox Quest - Good for LvL 110+ Trojans/Warriors, archers can do as well but it does take longer since the mobs have such high health. At lvl 110 I did this quest and within 12 hours I got 5 moonboxes. Not too bad.

Snake King Quest - Great for lvl 102+ archers and 100+ reborns w/ ranged attack. Easy met, small possibility of 6 mets, very small possibility of a db or gem. At lvl 115 this quest takes me 1 vanilla, and about 100 arrows to complete and only 2-3 minutes of my time.

Labby - What more can you ask for? You can level as a 100+ trojan/warrior/archer and get diamonds to exchange for mets, gems, or ancestor box. This one is not much of a quest though, it's just a good place to level and collect diamonds for exchange. It sucks though b/c archers get a LOT more exp at the magic mobs and they don't drop diamonds :( But they do drop tokens to the next level which you can sell for 100k-500k ^_^

Teress 01-03-2005 08:55


Originally posted by SloaksLady
moonbox quest....takes forever. ;)
There's a lvl 120+ trojan on Sapphire that does this quest often... She 2-3 hits the monsters in this quest :o I imagine it doesn't take her long to get a few moonboxes doing that much damgae ;)

SloaksLady 01-03-2005 14:03


Originally posted by Teress
There's a lvl 120+ trojan on Sapphire that does this quest often... She 2-3 hits the monsters in this quest :o I imagine it doesn't take her long to get a few moonboxes doing that much damgae ;)
very true, i'm 109 trojan and it doesn't take that long for me either. However, what takes "too long" is if it sends you to death tactic. :p

GrandfatherOlo 01-12-2005 04:41

Non-reborn Tao will have a hard time doing quests. The only quest we can do are the ones that send you fetching something (mettear, ratfang etc.).

Quests for Reborn Firetao:

Very simple quest: kill monster - get token - get lucky ;) Normally I can do this quest within the hour and end up with 4 mets. Sometimes I get really lucky cause the monsters not only drop gold, but also mets and dbs ;) Just summon guard and BBQ the mob with FOH.

Also a simple quest: kill monster - get token - etc. However, the monster in Death Tactic seem to deal higher dmg then the ones in the other tactics.

I would like to try the Snake-quest, but I seem to get lost on all the islands. (I know, I'm old and dumb and forget my way in/out too fast) Can you give me some sort of description?

darkling777 01-23-2005 16:21

how do you get to dreamland

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