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niroshido 12-30-2009 09:13

Long List of Niroshido's Suggestions
Once again i have hit the suggestions forums and once more with a ton of idea's

Anyone who has played this game, knows it can get really really depressing since after 2nd rebirth you might as well start farming waters/warriors or create new accounts.

The beginning of my suggestions list, starts with the foundation blocks of any game.

Missions / Quests:

Currently Missions and Quests lack Immersion.
I really don't think many actually do missions anymore aside from the equipment quests, dis city, flame lit, moonbox and skypass, blue mouse.

From above lets list rewards:
equipment quests : Experience, gold & bound equipment
Dis city : Experience, gold , and rare NightDevil discoveries.
Flame Lit: Experience, Death.
Moonbox : refer to name please.
Skypass : Mets & gold.
Blue mouse : Mets &\or gold.

Quest type: Class specific quests (not equipment quests), quests which challenge the player, based on the class chosen.

Quest type: Career Based quests. A study into what users would like to spend there day doing. Some enjoy mining, others enjoy pvping, quests should be designed to cater for all players and the rewards for persueing a career should make it ideal.

career based quests example:
Producer : A career path based around producing equipment, armours, potions.

Miner : A career path based around extracting ores from the ground (will require massive revamp to the mine caves, a now forgotten aspect of CO)

PvPer: A career path based around making other players misserable and dead. This can extend to Bounty hunters a revamp to a system once again forgotten.

Mining and equipment procurement

We have all seen the blades with poison, the backswords with mana regen. Why not create a system which allows users to make other weapons contain poison or hp regen, through a process of equipment production, consider the same effects capable of being applied to an armour, example

+8 Super Dragon Armor SDG , SDG. -7dmg, Has a chance to be immune to poison attacks.

+5 Unique PoleAxe RDG, has a chance to extract 5% of victims HP and add that 5% hp to your own.

The DB, the bulk pack and the falling apart of the game

this one rolls eyes with alot of people and simply put it is because from the day CO decided bulk packs were a great source of income, it royally screwed the game, made those non rich folk to suck harder at this game, thus i requests a change in how purchases are dealt with and what can be gained from it. Dragonballs are by far the most Valuable item ingame and only item that can be purchased from real life cash.

TQ's system.
TQ Point Card A - $7.99 USD(680 TQ Points)
TQ Point Card B - $15.99 USD (1380 TQ Points)


+ stone purchases :

+ 2 stone $1.50 USD
+ 3 stone $2.00 USD
+ 4 stone $3.50 USD
+ 4 stone pack (4 +4stones) $13.00 USD (save a dollar!)

Gem purchases:

Refined Dragon Gem $2.00 USD
Refined Fury Gem $2.00 USD
Refined Moon Gem $2.00 USD
Refined Pheonix Gem $2.00 USD
Refined Violet Gem $2.00 USD
Refined Rainbow Gem $2.00 USD
Refined Kylin Gem $2.00 USD
Refined Gem Pack $13.00 USD (consists of 1 of each type)

Producers purchases:

an assortment of equipment and items for producing equipment $10.00 USD
(includes 5 meteors, Poison, hammer,2 x socket engraver,2 x hp regen potion ,2 x magic regen potion, + specialised item to improve item)

Item Class purchases
Unique equipment(warrior/troj/ninja/fire/water/archer) packs $4.00 USD (includes +1 stone for each item)

Elite equipment (warrior/troj/ninja/fire/water/archer) packs $10.00 USD (includes +1 stone for each item)

+ steed purchases :

+ 1 steed $1.50 USD
+ 2 steed $2.00 USD
+ 3 steed $3.50 USD
+ 3 steed pack (3 +3 steed) $13.00 USD (save a dollar!)

steffietje 12-30-2009 14:17

not bad, you forgot to vote:P

niroshido 01-01-2010 06:14

lol i didn't forget to vote, voting for your own thing is lol why would i come up with an idea then require myself to vote if i thought my own ideas were stupid :rolleyes:

Jerri 01-02-2010 19:12

I liked most of it, although I didn't understand some parts... O_o

niroshido 01-02-2010 19:28

to sum it up:

I recommend that TQ do the following

REVIEW THE QUESTS - Make them more interesting and less depressing

CREATE CLASS QUESTS - Make quests designed to test warriors, others to test ninjas, tro's, tao's etc. etc. etc.

RESTUDY THE PAYMENT SYSTEM - Taking away the power the Dragonball has on the game, whilst allowing players spend a few USD/EURO etc. to buy an in game good.

CREATE A NEW SYSTEM TO CREATE NEW GEAR - a re-look into weapons, armors, helms etc. offering more versatility and advantages.

CREATE A SYSTEM TO BUILD GEAR - a re-look into how players can actually acquire super gear, by physically producing the good they want

example : sword smith : A person who is an avid sword builder. With the proper tools, the sword smith can produce unique weapons with hidden attributes such as poison or mana regeneration properties.

RESTUDY THE USE OF MINES - There are few reasons to go to a mine, DC mine its gold ore to make silver from sales, PC mine the blue mouse quest or the house upgrade cert. TC mine for archer and guard.

Jerri 01-02-2010 19:31

Ah ok. Thanks. xD

Fight 01-02-2010 20:41

Pretty good ideas but your only supposed to make one thread per suggestion so we can vote on them individually.

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