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niroshido 11-20-2009 17:35

Gem Discovery, MINES
Hello, this topic is designed to identify the STATISTICS, of gem discovery.

In this topic i am hoping to evaluate the overall discovery rate of gems from mining. This topic is not about your opinion, cause i dont care. I want to know what you discovered, when you discovered it and what mine. Like :

Twin City Mines

Gem Type:
Tortoise Gem (Super)


DD/MM/YY - 18:08 PST/GMT

AS/if the data starts rolling in, i will create an excel sheet. Your server is irrelevant as all servers are typically mirrored excluding timezones.
If you were afk at the time of discovery, no bother just list the date of discovery and type N/A PST/GMT (N/A = not applicable).

Please remember, i dont want any bull about why u dont mine or u gave up half way, i want results and only results all else is just spam and i will ask a mod for it deleted

Why is this topic relevant?
In the past, topics were established to identify the drop rate of good items from minmacs, the idea is the same. We all know mines got nerfed there drop rate fell, but as all programmers know, there is no such thing as luck only the idea of luck as a resultant of randomness!

Thanks in advance

NOTE: to mods please delete post made by :SlayerZv2

SlayerZv2 11-20-2009 18:09

Nobody mines.
And the ones who do aren't lucky enough to get gems.

niroshido 11-20-2009 18:34

To get us started here are mine

Twin City mines

Tortoise Gem (Super)

27/11/08 22:00 - 23:00 GMT

Desert City Mines

Moon Gem (Refined)

29/11/08 N/A GMT (early morning)

Pheonix Castle Mines

Kylin Gem (Normal)

04/12/08 18:06 GMT (accurate, after mining 2 ore)

All results are factual.

All times are GMT -7. The time now is 04:39.