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FallenAngel BR 03-14-2009 19:52

honor and justice
Honor is losing its people fast, and id like to get some fresh people to play against.

ViperFang++ 03-14-2009 19:57

Name: ViperFang
Server: Honor
Merge or Split: Merge
Reason: Honor is dead and people have been leaving since the split. We need to do something about it.

Nairo 03-14-2009 20:37

Server: Myths Centuar
Split or Merge: Centuar and Unicon
Reason: Servers are very boring Gw's are boring one sided nothing happens during the week cause of the lack of players, we lost alot of players when new servers opend not even a month or two after Centuar opend specially the first euro server its really needed and think could get the both server going again...

Just_Kill 03-14-2009 20:58

Justice and Honor

Dokis 03-14-2009 21:13

Honor /Justice
GWs are way too boring...

J3nna 03-14-2009 21:17



~WaZzuP~ 03-14-2009 21:25


Ethan~4 03-14-2009 21:27

honor and justice
pvp is dead

Volcom89 03-14-2009 21:31

Merge Honor and Justice. The server is dead with the same old boring people every day, no competition anymore whatsoever.

~SalvatioN~ 03-14-2009 21:52


Originally Posted by DarkRage (Post 10144523)
Please request server merges/splits here.

Post using the following format:

Split or Merge:

Split Requests:

Dragon - 2
Lightning - 1
Gryphon/Cerberus - 2
Saphire - 1
Snowhite/cinderella - 1
Triumph - 1

Merge Requests:

Saturn with Mercury - 1
Unicorn with Centaur - 10
Honor with Justice - 5
Emerald with no suggestion- 1

DON'T repeat request. I will delete people who keep asking. ;)

ALSO people with few posts WILL be ignored to attempt to stop abuse of my system. :p

WTF your problem? you delete my post and didnt even add aquarius too the list :rolleyes:

You were a mod on our crappy server for a bit, until you found someone else, you should know how ****ed up aquarius is

~NuNu~ 03-14-2009 21:53

Name: Skitchen
Server: Honor
Merge or Split: MERGE
Reason: Server is dead.

ElysianLord 03-14-2009 21:57


Originally Posted by AHHitburnzzz (Post 10145685)
Server: Justice
Merge: Justice and Honor

We need better gws with more then just one guild taking over each week, and most of our good players are quitting due to the lack of action. the server is getting over run by egyptians and brs we need more people that can speak english.

we have about 5 polls to merge but i would need to find some of these. please merge us we are desperate.

Wut he said

Conall/Kill3r 03-14-2009 22:07

Character name:Kill3r
Server: Honor
Split or merge: Merge
Reason: the server is dead, the game would be more enjoyable with new players.

FattyFatFat 03-15-2009 03:34

im from honor server

servers so boring no fun no new people half the server has quit no one goes gw about 1 guild vs 3 ppl need more ppl to play with no fbers or sser pvp is dead i miss the good old ac times where we just sat in ac sat in pc sat in bi and fought over slow apes spawn and mini macs and hawkings now the servers so empty the spawns are always there =[ merge honor and justive plz

kotoy 03-15-2009 03:51

Name: KingKotoy
Server: Honor
Merge or Split: MERGE
Reason: Honor is dead and people are leaving due to inactive guildwars and PK events.

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