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SiobhanMagnus 01-28-2012 15:25

Weapon Accessory Bug
Im not sure if its a bug but I cant use any weapon accessory. I cannot use light saber/Feather Duster and other one-handed weapon accssory over clubs. Everytime I equip it, it says "Failed to use the item".

Sara86 02-01-2012 02:56

Same problem

Elliot 02-02-2012 18:33

Try activate the accessory first.

Mr.Tom 02-02-2012 18:59

How to activate the accessory?

KingOfGems 02-05-2012 09:54

There is no option to activate the weapon accessory. Only option is to equip it

Mr.Tom 02-05-2012 21:11

tried to equip it but always failed. (tigersoul - bound) im wrangler P3.

ovn 02-23-2012 21:43

Simple, just create a new char. then use that char to activate then give to your main char.

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