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Elivaron 12-04-2009 10:42

Merge Liberty with Hebby/KJ.
Liberty can use some more people, and KJ/Hebby wants a merge anyway.
Lets not let Liberty die!!

Farau 12-05-2009 21:21

Server: Wildswan
Split or Merge: Split
Reason: The server is full of retards, literally retards. And its getting really bored, that is why i have quit just like most of my conquer friends. Thay have quit and are waiting on a split or merge, preferably a split. =]

FireTao2005 12-05-2009 23:36


Market always has spots every where, one sided gw, no one is ever on.

~Mystikal~ 12-08-2009 16:07

eagle is now completely dead. no one plays. need a merge.

Barmuka 12-08-2009 22:50

Servers to merge: Titan

Merge/Split: Merge

Reason: Titan is dead. The same win GW every week just have to follow the big 5 charactors to win GW. Market is extremely slow( i have items almost half price for 2 weeks now) 0 sales. Dis city is pure garbage ( i am not well geared and 3-5th into stage 3 when i go....

This server is dieing off. I would prefer to be merged with any server in our galaxy.

Dj-Joey 12-08-2009 22:58

Well... Dark servers GW is dead... only 5 people go GW between both sides the rest are lvl 70 waters... literally

STuning 12-09-2009 13:44

Plz marge tiger!!!!

STuning 12-09-2009 13:46

reason for tiger, becouse there is very few people and server, and to make it more fun,

Kashka 12-09-2009 20:39

Servers to merge: Unicorn (& Basilisk or any other server that's just as dead as Unicorn)

Merge/Split: Merge

Reason: It's been dead for quite a while now and has had a one sided guild war for too long, now with Classic co even less people play!! We need a merge badly to keep the server fun and keep from more people leaving.

ninjadave 12-10-2009 04:30

split mausoleum
sumut needs to be done about tht server :/
theres alot of players
but only like 5 english speaking ppl....
so either ban arabs from american co or split it and dont let the arabs have the choice

kyeee62 12-15-2009 23:02

Merge water ffs its deaddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

mutnauQ 12-16-2009 11:46

Not very many people

catobarb 12-16-2009 14:31

Servers to merge: Wildswan/Frogprince with Bluebird/BeautyandtheBeast
They say majority of their server quit and our server is full of idiots and power is lopsided

Undertow 12-16-2009 17:24

GuildWar uneven, not many people on game or forums.

Teddy_Ginn 12-16-2009 18:38



There are very few people on the server, Guild war doesn't exceed 40 people, if that. Same people always winning the same pk tournaments. PLEASE MERGE US WITH ANOTHER SERVER!!

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