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***jlv*** 06-13-2009 03:24

Split Lightning Please


It's never been done before and it is about time it happened.

Tec-v.2 06-13-2009 11:09

Merge Dark, Light and Water together.

Or just Dark and Water, that'd be cool.


kyeee62 06-13-2009 12:32


Originally Posted by Tec-v.2 (Post 10487437)
Merge Dark, Light and Water together.

Or just Dark and Water, that'd be cool.


merge light and water because kyle has 2 socs and +8s there :)

Kirbzy 06-13-2009 12:48

Merge water with any other EU server so i can keep low ping <3

LightOfAngel 06-13-2009 15:02

Server: Gem World - Turquoise

Split/merge: Merge

To/with: Nature - Sunshine

Reasons: Not enough people at guild war. It's bad when a one man guild is able to win a guildwar. Also most towns are empty except for people doing armor quests. -jibberjab2.0

Alot of people quitting just because there is nothing to do. all skills fixed nice shiny gear.. and no one to kill. how fun? we need a merge ASAP. like within a month or 2 for the most. -DarkScorpion

if can merge to other group ^^

Detergent 06-13-2009 15:11

Requesting Turquoise merge with any other server (Sunshine preferred)

SirKillahMiles 06-13-2009 15:30

Server: Lightning
Reason: need 5 min to login, all time Laggy, get away from the cheaters

jibberjab2.0 06-13-2009 20:16


Result: Better Guildwars, more active players, No more ghost towns. And for the TQ staff more people means the more people will want to play and end result :::..,^ MORE DBS. WOOOOOWZERS

weapon 06-13-2009 20:51

Merge turquoise and anyone

oxigen 06-14-2009 02:34

Server: Nature - Lightning
Reason: way too crowded, takes ages to log on before/during events... and we have never been split...

overdose 06-14-2009 03:20

server nature-lightning

needs a split.

have never been splited.

its often we have big lags in gw.
overcrowded, and tq said they will split it 2-3 years ago.
people are getting tired of the cheaters (80+ got botjailed from the tq patch)
hard to login most of the times.

Tide. 06-14-2009 14:42

Turquoise needs a merge
Server: Turquoise
Split or Merge: Merge!
Reason: Empty

DarkRage 06-14-2009 15:58

Marker post. All above added.

Have deleted the recent merge. Not that it was the REQUESTED merge but still.

Setsuna~ 06-14-2009 16:17

Server: Dragon
Split or Merge:Split!
Reason: Always full,i've been tryin 2 loggon for like,10 mins

Dj-Joey 06-14-2009 16:30


Originally Posted by DarkRage (Post 10144523)
Please request server merges/splits here.

Post using the following format:

Split or Merge:

Split Requests:

Snowhite/cinderella - More than 30 now.
Gryphon/Cerberus - More than 25 now.
Scorpio - 18
Uranus - 9
Lightning - 8
Aquarius - 7
Pyramid - 5
Eternity - 4
Triumph - 4
Cancer - 4
Lion - 3
Dragon - 3
Meteor - 3
Mausoleum - 3
Neptune - 2
Saphire - 2
Nanya - 2
Venus/Mars - 2
Titan - 1
Lion - 1
Great Wall - 1

Merge Requests:

Unicorn - More than 45 now, (Centaur no longer an option, it was merged with UglyDuckling).
Honor with Justice - More than 35 now.
Glory - 17
Turquoise - 9
Aquarius - 4
Fury/Ryee - 3
Light - 3
Volcano - 2
Mausoleum with Pyramid - 1
Titan - 1
Sunshine - 1
Pegasus/Medusa - 1
Emerald - 1
Dark - 1

DON'T repeat request. I will delete people who keep asking. ;)

ALSO people with few posts WILL be ignored to attempt to stop abuse of my system. :p

Mod, person I dont know... can i make 35084265348634059472508238523057672307245 acc and spam for merge? BTW merge Dark
Element: Dark
Merge or Split: MERGE!!!
Reason: Only a few mayor bulkers and its a 1 sided show its making people quit cause its boring

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