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Ayamee 07-07-2014 05:08

It's so dead...
Where's mah frellin' friends?
The people who used to be here before they moved on to bigger and better games... :/

GrimLore 07-18-2014 08:16

Long time since I visited the Forum. Life, Moved to a Townhouse and have been doing a renovation since. Probably won't be done until November :eek:

Hope everyone from years ago is doing well!


Wormy 11-18-2015 19:50


I'll never forget you Eternity OGs.

Especially Devega, who taught me the fine art of trollin'.

Can't believe I still recognize so many of the threads on here and some of them even have replies from this year.

Criminy my profile is obnoxious, but that was the point. In retrospect I see how well it worked.

Nanahira 11-22-2015 22:56

Enjoying real life and tap tap phone games:p

Wormy 07-07-2018 17:51

Still haven't forgotten. And to think this is still around...

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