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Elliot 01-20-2012 00:56

Update History
Scheduled Server maintenance time:
1:00 A.M every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Version: 1.01
Update time: Dec 7th
1. Optimized game for iPad 1 users
2. Optimized game for crash problem

Elliot 01-20-2012 00:59

Version: 1.02
Update time: Jan 4th
1. Players are allowed to get CPs from the bottom of the screen after purchasing successfully.
2. Fix some flaws.
3. Fix the registration problem
4. The connection between players & server is more steady now.

Elliot 01-20-2012 01:22

Version 1.02
Update time: Jan 19th
1. Remove requirements of gems which can only be obtained from mine when players learn summon guards and get promoted. (Euxenite Ores.)
2. Remove Blue Mouse quest Temporarily
3. You are now able to get Saltpeter straightly from the Old Quarrier (Bomb quest)
4. You are now able to finish Mike's quest without Euxenite Ores. (Joy's letter quest)
5. Meteor shower is ready, time: 1.21~1.24. Happy Spring Festival

Elliot 02-09-2012 01:59

Version 1.03
Update time: Feb 7th
1.You are now able to repair your broken equipment with meteors.
2. It needs to mention again that you are now able to buy house straightly from the House man.
3. Sign up button was moved to the top of interface.

Elliot 02-14-2012 18:00

Version 1.03
Update time: Feb 14th
1. Meteor Shower event is open. It lasts from Feb 14th to Feb 18th. You can enjoy meteors dropping from monsters.
2. Taoists are able to learn summon guards without anything.

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