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BlackDeath89 08-22-2012 17:20

Returning to CO after around 3 years.
Hi all,

I've seen a couple of threads where people have been flamed for even asking so i thought maybe someone would cut me some slack and actually explain what has happened in a reasonable way please?

When i played before CPs wasn't in the game, mining was a problem due to bots but many had 2nd accounts like myself for honest gaming as a miner and checking them frequently with ALT+TAB. BP wasn't in the game then either.

Study Points also seem new although i have yet to figure out what they are for.

My question is really, what is the way of grinding gold on this game now? I had a fire tao and pretty much farmed Ape spawns before for mets and +1's etc along with a miner logged in when i was online. As mining is now pretty much removed from the game except in TC jail what other options do we have to earn gold other than buying into the game with real life cash?

Again, apologies for the duplicate thread but i have tried asking people in game, in guilds and in 'World' chat but have been flamed in partial english by the majority it seems that aren't english speaking players now also..

Any help would be greatly appreciated, i really did love this game for its simplicity but yet ever growing entertainment factor with guild wars etc and catching the PKers.

Thanks in advance.


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