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Chowlin 11-23-2007 21:13

thnx for the pep guys =] i'll rep back ASAP!

Craneses 11-23-2007 21:17


Originally Posted by Sum0 (Post 6830109)

K thanks. Was looking everywhere for him.

KrAzY 11-23-2007 21:25


Originally Posted by Tr!x!e (Post 6829969)

You did....and thankies....hmmmm....not on your love list...means I'm not luvable enough....come to think of it thats mah second round of love from you...wowzers...I need to pay better attention...yea maybe its cause im starving to death..brb...ill go get sumfin....brainpower is a good thing....

Awww your luvable enough hun just hardly ever see ya on :o

Mosou 11-23-2007 21:27

pap more plx

Suicune 11-23-2007 21:27

Pep'd 3 persons above me...

Voice of Reason 11-23-2007 21:31

Anyone who rep's me and leaves their name I will rep back. Please...

Craneses 11-23-2007 21:31


Originally Posted by Suicune (Post 6830174)
Pep'd 3 persons above me...

K, Got u down.

BdB 11-23-2007 21:34

Evenin' all.

First I wish to thank the many that have been returning the peps I have sent out.

For this evenin', I have sent peperoni out to the following;


See you in 24h.


Chowlin 11-23-2007 21:40

wow <3 all i will rep tommorow leaving for a bit laters :)

Craneses 11-23-2007 21:49

Added you badboy.

Sum0 11-23-2007 22:00


Originally Posted by Craneses (Post 6830227)
Added you badboy.

o.o HAI

C-dot 11-23-2007 22:05

Who wants to rep me today?! ;o I rep back!

Valkyrie 11-23-2007 22:10

almost 16 k

pep bls

xBuffx 11-23-2007 22:19

all rep owed has been given out.

C-dot 11-23-2007 22:19


Originally Posted by Valkyrie (Post 6830308)
almost 16 k

pep bls

Joo rep too plx. I should be partially unjailed again shortly

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