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~*panda*~ 11-22-2012 02:16

Conquer Online 3 information [Official]
/thread recycled. project canceled. Typical TQ. This is what the project normally was:

I plan to make this thread an informative one, posting every detail about it that can be found as a "FAQ". Feel free to debate changes but keep flaming and arguing to a minimum, we are going to try to be constructive. I will track GM comments & bold the important parts concerning this topic. Anyone finding more confirmed information about CO 3 is free to PM me and I will confirm & add it. The first post will be a FAQ with our data, the second post will contain the raw data itself. Under the FAQ will be a changelog that shows what has changed. More questions? Post them here in the thread and I'll see to it that they get answered!

Last update 03/01/2014 - 08:50 [US] / 16:50[EU]


Q: Is Conquer 3 the same as Conquer online 3.0 that is releasing?
A: No, Conquer 3 is a seperate project. 3.0 is an update that the current conquer is receiving, Conquer 3 will get a new name on release.

Q: What is Conquer 3?
A: Conquer 3 is a full remake and remaster of conquer online 1.0 using 2.0 features.

Q: When will it be released?
A: The release is estimated to be in 2013. Which quarter is still unknown.

Q: Will battle power be used?
A: No, TQ has stated Battle power will not be present in conquer 3.

Q: Will I be able to transfer my character and equipment to the new game?
A: No, Conquer 3 is a standalone game, transfers are not possible. Everyone will start over from scratch!

Q: What about leveling?
A: Leveling has been stated to be harder once again! To what extend has not been shared yet.

Q: What is the financial plan for this game?
A: Has not been shared yet. A ftp model is being expected, but has not been confirmed yet.

Will this game be in 3D?
A: No, the game will still be in 2.5D as the normal Conquer Online.

Are there pictures available?
A: Yes, they are in the raw information section below, scroll down! Most of them are on facebook.

What about botters?
A: TQ has stated that they recoded from scratch, thus making the game harder to crack for bot hosts.

Will the servers be region locked?
A: No, it was shared that it will recommend a server group based on your location. You are always allowed to change.

Will TQ stop supporting conquer 2.0?
A: No, they have claimed that 2.0 will still be their most important game. Conquer "3" will receive a different name upon release. This new version is supposed to be a sequal of the current conquer.

How about the economy system? Will it be pay to win like 2.0?
A: Well, see for yourself! At the moment, it seems everyone will have a fair chance of competing!

Will reborn be in?
A: Yep! But the entire system will have a huge remake. More about that in the next question.

Classes! Which one are in and did they get changed?
A: Most certainly, all classes are changed in some ways.
Warriors being able to utilise their shield more and getting new shiny moves, archers losing scatter but getting an entire new skillset, taoists getting an entire melee system, monks becoming the new support and so on!
Full info here:

-New source discovered. A lot of info revealed!

-More info

-More added to FAQ.

-Thread created, initial FAQ & data dump completed.

~*panda*~ 11-22-2012 02:18

Raw data:

Last update 14/12/2012 - 10:58 [US] / 18:58 [EU]


Originally Posted by TQ mail
Greetings, Conqueror!

The CO team is glad to inform you that as the development of CO3 keeps rolling on, we are getting closer and closer to this brand new sequel to the CO series! While preserving many popular features of its predecessor, Conquer Online 3 will also bring tons of new elements and improvements!

First, the controversial Battle Power feature will be eliminated. Instead, combat technique becomes the key factor, which means your power will not be decided by how many CPs you own.
Hunting, gaining levels and building gear will also be more challenging and you will have the chance to find all kinds of items from fallen monsters.
The 7 unique classes will be reshaped in a more balanced way, which will give you a whole new experience.
Servers will be IP-based, to offer more stable community, and with the new technique, botters will find no holes to invade the game world.
Moreover, the graphics will also be enhanced to a higher level.

Do you miss the good ol' days of fighting and having fun in Conquer 1.0? Are you beside yourself waiting for CO3?


Originally Posted by .Will. (Post 11763382)
In fact, we're still working on CO3 and it looks like the release date for CO3 will be in 2013.


Originally Posted by .Will. (Post 11750091)
I'm sure it's not in 3D.


Originally Posted by .Will. (Post 11744791)
In fact, there is a special page for Conquer Online 3, as you said they are two different games, but we'd decide to promote the game on the same Facebook page.

And as regards the information about Conquer Online 3, the topic will contain #Conquer3# at the beginning of the post. ;)


Originally Posted by .Will. (Post 11744792)
Just accidentally see your question, to which I would like to give an answer.

In fact, as two separate games, as of now there's no service available for such an idea, like transferring your items over to CO 3, and I doubt there will be any.

For a new game, building up your character from scratch with all other players isn't that darn bad, is it? :cool:


Originally Posted by facebook


Class pictures:


Originally Posted by ReMind (Post 11767157)
I will tell u what i know, First, Tq really can afford the new server and the hardware and sofeware resources. The merge is to getting the server more competition. Second, the reason for Tq making a sequel is they want to get new players or players who already quit back. It is not a good deal for tq to make a new game to just get the ppl transfer from Co2. And as far as I know,the sequel won't call co3. Just an easy name for us now. Last, Both game will be running together as it provide different style of game playing. I am sure a lot of ppl will stay here. Hope this will help.

Legolito 11-22-2012 02:21

Me:***921; am looking forward for this game.
Tq: And not a single **** was given.

hahapooned 11-22-2012 02:22


~*panda*~ 11-22-2012 02:22

I'll have a moderator keep an eye on this thread, so please keep the trolling to a minimum.

JimmySingh*new 11-22-2012 03:05

wow bro u r so connected

lipase 11-22-2012 03:50

this looks promiseing lets see how it turns out.

KennyC 11-22-2012 09:13


Originally Posted by lipase (Post 11763407)
this looks promiseing lets see how it turns out.

Famous last words.

LetsBlaze#2 11-22-2012 12:08


Originally Posted by JimmySingh*new (Post 11763400)
wow bro u r so connected

LMFAO, doesn't even play CO !

mistressyesumes 11-22-2012 12:38

All anyone needs to know is CO3 has a cooldown on pots so taos always win.

AlanAlanAlan! 11-22-2012 12:47


Originally Posted by mistressyesumes (Post 11763454)
All anyone needs to know is CO3 has a cooldown on pots so taos always win.

Not like YOU can win against a Taoist anyways, whether it's Classic CO or 2.0 :--)))))

sagejavier 11-22-2012 16:32

it will just be one of those games who milk players to win

i lost faith in TQ long ago.

gotta move on brah !

Erucher 11-22-2012 17:43

I look forward to them screwing it up and then talking about CO4 and then CO5 etc, etc... never ending loop of stupidity. :(

Marakeh 11-22-2012 17:43

Looks like my retirement date is soon to be revealed. This one will be permanent I believe.

Rickk 11-23-2012 05:12

cooldown for pots.. maybe there will be a cool down for tao spells.

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