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tehOri 09-21-2007 13:29

people dun like to rep me back >(

RoidB*tch 09-21-2007 13:41


Originally Posted by tehOri (Post 6344518)
people dun like to rep me back >(

I will, just waiting on the stupid 24 hour thing to pass.

tehOri 09-21-2007 13:43

lol i mean people from my server :P

sk8r 09-21-2007 13:58

hey everyone wuddup Rep me and ill rep u i got my daily dose :P

KaneTheDevil 09-21-2007 14:17

Hi then

Lord-Doom (gl) 09-21-2007 15:58

adding ppl to my pep list for tomorrow so every1 who peps me i add to it ^^

Lil_Firehawk 09-21-2007 16:48


Originally Posted by Weirlion (Post 6342861)
Only if u call me Daddy. ...... Who's yo daddy :D
210 rep atm

Sean Combs? ;)

THU¶DER 09-21-2007 17:21

i reped everyone until kane

*edit*if i didn't, it means it won't let me rep you..says i reped you already

Weirlion 09-21-2007 17:26


Originally Posted by Lil_Firehawk (Post 6346112)
Sean Combs? ;)

Oh Snap :o

theRationalOne 09-21-2007 17:46

1 Attachment(s)
Boredom and too much lag to do GW has forced me to create this. ^^

Enjoy :D

Attachment 11576

mercenary 09-21-2007 17:51


Originally Posted by mercenary (Post 6343335)

owe rep to:

^ that's my owe list after 24

specialweapon 09-21-2007 18:53

i got some rep points left, rep me and ill rep u sure to post or pm me incase i forget

Pramathius 09-21-2007 19:11

65 Now!

Help meh ppl! Prama is a nice guy and will rep y'all back!! :D:D:D:D

Enigma 09-21-2007 19:23

Pep'd all that I could. =O 716

Pramathius 09-21-2007 19:25

Yay 87 :D

Wtg peeps...keep helping Prama :p :p

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