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ChaosDealer73 12-16-2008 19:43

Bugs Forum Etiquette
This thread is to help players work more efficiently in the Bugs forum. The Bugs forum is to report and inquire about in-game and forum-related bugs. If you have general questions about gameplay, gameplay issues, or just general trouble-shooting, please check out the FAQ Forum. Further, any questions regarding your account, your personal items, or DB sales cannot be answered in this forum. You must email TQ directly or contact them through the Help Desk.

Once a bug or problem is answered, the thread will either be closed or moved to the "Fixed Bugs" subforum. If you have any further questions, please PM one of the current moderators of the Bug section (see the lower right-hand part of the Bugs page) about inquiries. Also, if you don't see a thread you've posted, please try looking in the FAQ forum, some posts are moved there as they aren't truly "bugs." Some posts are merged such as typos and current problems that many people are having. If that is done, there is usually a redirect link showing you to the location of the new thread. If you can't find your thread anywhere, please PM one of the current moderators of the section for questions- it might have been deleted due to spam, or there might be another explanation.

Furthermore, there is no spamming allowed in the Bugs forum. Unless you are adding insight on how to help or solve a problem, please do not post. We are trying to create an environment conducive to learning and happy gameplay. If your post is considered spam (not responding usefully, +1s, smilies, or just "lol") it will be deleted. Repetitive posts of this nature are subject to warnings or infractions. Also, simply responding with "do what he said" or "I agree with that method" are not considered helpful.

Lastly, this is not a TQ-Bashing forum. You are more than welcome to express your content/discontent/personal opinions of TQ in other forums as long as it abides by the rules of the forum. We want a clean environment that is not cluttered with irrelevant posts and/or information. More information about what should/should not be posted here can be found through this link: Click Here!

Please help us keep this a nice and helpful environment for players who need help!

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