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chaosknightray 09-24-2010 08:56

[Discussion] Revamp of Many Passive Skills
Orignal thread

Decided to take my ideas from that thread and turn it into more of a discussion type thing than a straight on suggestion.

I also changed up a few things.


Earthquake (Axe)
•Change it an boosted AoE attack
• Change visual to the cracked ground GFX of fixed Herc (Just the crack without rings) but with a red-orange scheme
•Have Damage boost to say 134% at fixed. Damage increases proportionally
•Raise the activation rate to a 56% at fixed

Celestial (Scepter)
•Boost the activation rate to about 47% at fixed.

Roamer (Whip)
•Change it so it flies across much like Boreas/Wide Strike does
•Increase the AoE to be larger.
•Increase damage to maybe about 145% or so at fixed.Damage increased proportionally.

Penetration (Dagger)
•Increase activation rate to about 30%
•Nerf exp rate to be proportional making it require same time to fix Penetration as it does now. So new activation rates would just about halve exp gained per hit

Boom (Hammer)
•Change it to an boosted AoE attack.
•Boost to about 125% at fixed.
•Damage an area like Fire of Hell based upon what your attacking but with a smaller AoE.
•Increase activation rate to 45% at fixed

Seizer (Hook)
•Increase damage to about 130% at fixed
•Raise activation rate to about 45%

I would find such changes to add a bit more uniqueness among the Melee choices. So

chaosknightray 09-25-2010 09:23


ConquerCatcher 09-25-2010 09:32

Do not copy this and you cannot have a suggestion with no poll.
Just bump your old one... :mad:

Clenk~V.12 09-25-2010 11:51


Originally Posted by ConquerCatcher (Post 11344022)
Do not copy this and you cannot have a suggestion with no poll.
Just bump your old one... :mad:

This isn't a suggestion, this is a discussion.

chaosknightray 09-25-2010 19:23

I edited first post with more specific numbers. And cmon.. All you haters of non-Club/Sword/Blade

chaosknightray 10-01-2010 16:34

Yiu guys are nothing but Club whacker-offers...

chaosknightray 10-08-2010 16:38

You guys are nothing but noobs...

chaosknightray 10-09-2010 15:53

These are stickied for a reason.

chaosknightray 10-23-2010 18:58

You guys are ****weeds

chaosknightray 10-29-2010 18:30

****tarded nooby ****weeds. All of you.

chaosknightray 10-29-2010 18:34


XinCline 10-30-2010 23:30

I use flash on Galio and land right in the middle of your discussion. I then proceed to channel my ult, taunting everything in sight. I have 400 armor and a leviathan and therefor take sh!t damage from your pathetic little auto-attacks. It explodes for full damage and I smite/gust the survivors. Dou-Tri-Qua-Pen-LEGENDARY KILL!

I then push for the win because my minions already broke one of your nexus turrets while you guys were caught with your pants down near your wolf camp.

Your nexus explodes and you get the red Defeat.

Another win for me. :D

maximite 10-31-2010 00:25

Celestial (Scepter) used be 180 pct dmg when activated i know cause i had 2 +8 ones and they rocked along with stig 1 hit most ppl but tq being tq changed them or u could herc then melee but tq chance it to everyone using club

Penetration (Dagger) used to be 230 pct dmg but tq nerfd it

Paper~DeidaraZ 10-31-2010 00:39

since im a ninja idc lol

loltrollpatroll 11-20-2010 03:45

you have my vote... all you ever see is blades, swords and clubs... its about time the inferior weapons got a revamp

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