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~*IXLegacyXI*~ 10-11-2007 22:02


Originally Posted by Hand (Post 6480466)
Hey Legacy, I constantly get you confused with XLegendX...because one of you pep'ed me and I assumed it was Legend.

He's a wannabe, and I'll kill him if I ever see him on this thread again.

Just kidding... Anyway, I pep'd you a while back but you never payed me back. :(

Hand 10-11-2007 22:04

Oh really? I'll put you at the front of my list, my apologies but I'm at my limit for now.


Rep unreturned as yet: Legacy, trent28o^^, Wiggly(Eagle), Tasmin(Sagi), Tide(Turq), Kane, Valkyrie, AksiS, Chester, ***8224;Mister***8224;(Sagi), sst94, Mamono, Derkarr, jengis, Vlax, Nem~UK, Loviatar(Gemworld), ~|Feva|~(Aq), Wynter(Drag,200), >><<(Maus,46), BLUBLOOD(Eagle), Rebmes(Mars,131), ShadowKat, Flappy, *Napoleon*, Keebler(TA,72), tehOri, mightyoyo(Mars,129), QwErTyUiOp1204, Zyika(Sagi), SpyroCrash(Sunshine,36), HaNdSoME, Måckk(194), d0m1n4tr1x(194), DustiJade(Cancer,29), Alastriona, Shara|o.0(Fury,23), chris2962(Sunshine,36), Rurik, Nem~UK, yexie, Lord-Doom (gl)(200), PrincessMandie(201), mike222, PRUE <3, jnwshorty(202), Whiz(202), Enigma, xJJx(Glory), Kreschti(Saph), KrAzY(Saturn,43), "Guh"?, Barefoot(Justice,48), Valkyrie, Suicune(206), XLegendX(206), Jabbz(206), HaNdSoMe(207), edy-dark, StarleT, fireTama(Gemini,52), CrestX(100k,458), ApoC(Pluto,3), SunnyStar(Libra,43), Tide., Winduu, 28 anonymous

QwErTyUiOp1204 10-11-2007 22:16

outta reps...again

HaNdSoMe 10-11-2007 22:27

1627 now xD
Few more hours before i can + and return reps :D

HamSupLo 10-11-2007 22:54


If it turns out to be a -rep by mistake, PM me, though I'm sure I checked them all to be +rep.

gillianchung 10-11-2007 23:04

ill pepper u back tomorrow ham adn everyone else :)
mmmmm..... ham........
ok someone nepped me for saying pepper >.>

d0m1n4tr1x 10-11-2007 23:15

Yeeehaw!! 3rd shiny bar! <3 u all XD, still 12 hours left before i can pep ya back ^_^

Cagd 10-11-2007 23:40

Pep you back HamSupLo, system says i cant for another 24hrs again updated the ones i ow to siggy.

XLeg j00 the loser i r just the nub.

LiL-Player 10-12-2007 00:47

lol some 1 iimature...i got a nep lols...

@ gillian if u ever read this: Yes i do and i soon comeing back to comunity thread :p. :D

+ Rep to some 1 lucky lol

AfK-47 10-12-2007 01:04


great walls biggest guild.... rep that!!:)

L33tsqu34k 10-12-2007 01:26

what is rep?

Lord-Doom (gl) 10-12-2007 01:28

rep=reputation :D
it shows how well know u r but now its just a fun thing ^^

btw 1005 rep already :D

ill pep some ppl now

Nem~UK 10-12-2007 01:43

@ 1035 now :) ty ppl rep again in 24 hrs

Satine 10-12-2007 02:21

Bad thing is it's raining.
Good thing is I got 736 rep points.


xJJx 10-12-2007 02:26

356 :>

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