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Adamantium 03-06-2017 11:37

ROLL CALL - Pre Lotto Players!!
Hello ladies and gentlemen. I once played on this great server many, many moons ago. Every few months I'm reminded of my time here and randomly check the long dead forums for life. None remain... And so, here I am once again, but this time making a thread, searching for those long lost friends I once had to reconnect, and possibly regain those lost friendships through Facebook, Xbox Live or Playstation Network. If you recognize any of my signature names and know who I am, please, post away, and see how much of a network we can build. I'm going to list names of people I remember, if you happen to see this, and I didn't mention you, please post anyway, it's been about 10 years and I can't remember everyone. Here it goes...

HEARTLESSMOTHER, G.O.D.D.E.S.S, NachoLibre, TheNinja, BLOOD, PatBuchanan, Hubez, Carly, Xiahou_Dun, Viet, Vietnamdaica, Lucifer, peacekeeper, OTM, Wazzo, Titus_Dotel, Vendetta, MacaqueUrFace, Venusira, MoonLight, Artanius, FemDom, TheFreak, Dunkel, Kali, TrevisGoodson, (This is all I can remember for the moment, if I remember more, I will come here and add them)

Also, anyone who was in BloodAngels, -BoundByHonor-, HitNRun, SnowFallElite, Blu Oyster Cult or similar guilds I may have forgotten as well.

Adamantium 04-05-2017 13:00


Adamantium 05-09-2017 16:06

Bump again.

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