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WTFizzle 04-09-2011 20:49

What did you do today?
:D yayayayay story time~
Can be a list of what you did or what you are planning to do.

Paper~DeidaraZ 04-09-2011 21:12

went out with the friends.

Mr.Helios 04-09-2011 21:27

get 115

bahana 04-09-2011 22:56

I went on a German weekend camping thingy. It was a lot of fun went to the river and did some German stuff xD.

Apple06~ 04-09-2011 23:38

Drove around town.

SwichB1ade 04-10-2011 00:15

took my ACT, ate at Wendy's, got a warrior from 100 to 123, listened to Dio, Styx, Foreigner, and Journey, and that's about all

Sepharius 04-10-2011 02:32

Went to Thorpe Park with some friends and had a hell of a laugh, like singing "Cwm Bi Ah" while going up and down Colossus and screaming stuff like "We're all going to die" going down stealth D:
Oh and screaming "YOU WAN PRAY GAME?!" at Saw when he's talking on TV during the ride.

Wayne Brady :( 04-10-2011 05:26

Enjoyed the weather, that's all.

Erikuasu 04-10-2011 05:30

Replaced stock distributor cap and fuel filter (from the 80s) in my car, no longer sounds like its gonna die when I stomp the pedal from a dead stop. Even though im building a brand new engine, might as well keep the engine in it running awesome. Chilled with friends, and went to work.

Jaxx.. 04-10-2011 05:43

Wake up at 1, have shower, play with dog.

ABOUT TO: Have a roast outside.
Do a bit of work, ABIT.
Play with dog

Then go back home to my other house.
Cry as I wont see do again for another 4+ months.
Wet the bed.

thehempknight 04-10-2011 23:20

Came to work.... worked.... and plan on going home, afterwards.

DETONATOAREA 04-11-2011 05:06

Could barely sleep till 5 am, acquired an annoying tinnitus that sounds exactly like a telegraph beat with Morse code
Woke up at 1 pm and mom's still waiting for me to help her move furniture, wash what ever stuff there has to be washed (including the walls).
Dad's always somewhere else when work has to be done in the house, his cousin died 2 days ago now he's at the funeral. Stuff that happens at 'perfect' timing...
Basically this day will go past me just like yesterday did. With me being half asleep the whole time i do the work. Boring.

Loviatar 04-11-2011 05:35

Today I'm going to.....
Then get up and Slice and Brine some Cucumbers, clean the kitchen, and do Laundry. Kids and Hubby allowing, of course. I think I'll make my leftover Chicken Casserole too... maybe bake a Lemon Bread.

killerjane 04-11-2011 07:05

Got my **** sucked :eek:

The.NWO.OwnsYou 04-11-2011 08:21


Originally Posted by killerjane (Post 11512457)
Got my **** sucked :eek:

By a vacuum cleaner.

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