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IcyJade 05-12-2014 16:44

Mass Dc'ing
Fix Dis Already. Dis is B******.

anyone having the same prob?

Mysticoz 05-12-2014 16:59

yup i been dcing so much lately its becoming pathetic

Weatherwax 05-12-2014 17:48

Yes, it's been a big problem lately, but it's especially bad tonight. For the last couple of hours or so, when I manage to get logged in for a few moments my server looks pretty empty, so others on Crystal are having the same problem.

Also CO home page mostly won't load at all and the forum is extremely laggy. Other (non-TQ) sites load OK, so I'm guessing it might be a DDOS attack, or something like that.

Mysticoz 05-12-2014 18:09

LoL is also down so i was assuming its the DDOS attack on all games

Raskólnikov 05-12-2014 19:21

Seems like the problem is over now.

edit: forget what i said. still laggy as ****. forum included. no autohunting overnight :(

XShinryuX 05-12-2014 19:49

Nice, I just spike to 20k+ Ping when I am doing Demon box lol
Damn the monster and pack is wasted :(

~DarkLynx~ 05-12-2014 19:56

i dc a crap ton just in online training grounds.... kinda tickin me off trying to lvl nix while i work 12 hrs...

Raliuga 05-14-2014 02:04


mamicatavogazo 05-14-2014 02:25

the glaciers in western Antarctica are melting and cos of that storms randomly appear everywhere, cos storms appear tq's servers can't handle that and we have lagg and we dc end.

Jaxx. 05-14-2014 03:32

I know of no other game that suffers from lag/dc issues like this game does.

tamika 05-15-2014 05:41

an egy noop won skill team PK on our server because of this DC thing,and there's no top 8 only 1 person...:mad:

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