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Vaekirus 10-28-2011 21:52

Nice quiet server
Hey Guy, i'm a veteran of french CO. LEft a year ago because of imature kid, and overly eager paypaler. Now Im looking for a group andd server where I can Play quietly, with minimum PK and friendly players. Any idea where the best place to go?

littleboy654 11-23-2011 09:26

I dont think you can find a server like that.

DLinDebt 11-26-2011 08:06

Pretty much all you can do is check in each of the servers Threads and see what kind of drama is going on.Back in the day you could simply create a character and check each server out and judge for yourself.And simply delete the character if you didnt like the server.Sadly i have yet to find a server like the one ive been on since day one(even it is no longer the server i knew) but there are still a few around you can still enjoy your time playing.I know this still leaves you wondering but its best to pick your home yourself but do know there are still great players around that will welcome you and help out if you need it.

MyThirdAccount 11-26-2011 11:35

Try Royalty_EU. The whole server gets along like one cute small family.

buttfog 12-03-2011 19:01

You can come play in Nature, Volcano - i'm a low lvl and back then, everyone including low lvls use to be pked a lot :3 - it's definately quiet - honestly i haven't made a friend yet xD

seikialice88 12-08-2011 00:55


Originally Posted by littleboy654 (Post 11632150)
I dont think you can find a server like that.

I also think so.

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