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Trilok 10-29-2007 18:34

almost have my first shiny bar plx pep me <3

No Body 10-29-2007 18:35

I'm on a reping spree. I'll have most people on this page done in 6 weeks!:D

*Starlet* 10-29-2007 18:37

3202 pep im getting pep spammed if i dont return your pep srry lmao and i still
cant pep cuz of 24 hr thing

LegacyWeapon 10-29-2007 18:39

445 help me with a new bar please:cool:

SickNasty 10-29-2007 18:41

pepped a few people, cant anymore. Hazerdous i cant pep you, says i need to pass more around first. and i did, then i gotta wait 24 hours. SO, when i can i will

JennYp 10-29-2007 18:41

I want a new shiny :o

.†Brandøn†. 10-29-2007 18:44

He Spit In His Face! :o

JennYp 10-29-2007 18:47


Originally Posted by .†Brandøn†. (Post 6618837)
He Spit In His Face! :o

Are you high?

HaZarDouS 10-29-2007 18:49


Originally Posted by JennYp (Post 6618862)
Are you high?

no hes funny o.o

SickNasty 10-29-2007 18:52

pep for me please

.†Brandøn†. 10-29-2007 18:53


Originally Posted by HaZarDouS (Post 6618873)
no hes funny o.o

<3 :cool:

BoReD~ 10-29-2007 19:07

so much poeple post here

HaZarDouS 10-29-2007 19:10


Originally Posted by BoReD~ (Post 6618997)
so much poeple post here

only just figured it out?

~Aphroditie~ 10-29-2007 19:12

I pep'd all top 10 on my list tonight. Stupid 24 hr rule came up AGAIN! I still owe some people tho :( I wish I could pep everyone back that I wanted to. I srry I get you all tomorrow.

I pep'd today:

From Diamonds Thread:

I still owe:
Tanzeh (I so sorry hun I had 10 RIGHT in front of you, I promise you first tomorrow)

I miscounted last night and for some reason I thought I was at 1,999 (I was tired). LMAO! What I'm really at is 1,972 BUT WOULD LOVE TO BE AT 2K!!! SEND SOEM LOVE MY WAY!!!!:o

Calistoo 10-29-2007 19:12

Hi, Im Kilga and im An Alcoholic.

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