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Circa 03-20-2016 13:00

Old volcano.
Hey, it's me. Just checking old ****. If somebody from the old times happens to pop by the forums this will be the place to post. Missing the old times and the **** that went down during those years, oh the nostalgia. I'll probably check again in 5 years, hope there's few posts. Also, hi Rick!


Warp, Cyanide~, Underpants, Ghetto, Muskaflame, briefly *Dreaming* and million others I can't remember.

RockSolid 03-21-2016 09:44

Sup dreaming.

ThePurpleKnight 04-03-2016 22:43

This sub forum is so dead that in 5 years this will still be on page 1.

Edit: 2 years later, this is still the most recent real post.

Prowned3 06-13-2019 15:21

Prowned checking in.
Maybe no one remembers me. I was sorta an out of place quiet person.
Surprised this forum wasn't updated and most of my posts are still here since that time. I hope this remains the same.
No idea what conquer is anymore, nor do I care.

Edit 5/aug/2020
Wow a year later and my post is still the top post.
Did everyone stop playing conquer?

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