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thehempknight 12-29-2009 01:11

Veterans Guestbook
Alright Vets, for those of you who want to leave their little mark for the future generations to see, this is your chance to sign the little book they keep at the front of fancy restaurants like Red Lobster.
Leave your name and maybe a message or pic of your guy that you want people to see.
I don't think I need to remind you to keep it clean....

~~TAZY~~ 12-30-2009 16:48

Tazy :D
but stayin a Guest coz i dont see the point in returning to this game, we was offerd a co 1.0 server, i did try out the clasic server but its just full of FAIL !, anyways GL and i hope who ever stays on clasic servers has the fun they are looking for.
things just got too easy in this game for me, u can buy everything u need, with your CC no hunting / grinding needed, well some in clasic but mehh...

Bring back co 1.0 the patch wen dis come out or the patch b4..... and TQ will have manny manny old players come back and probs alot of new ones

Co 2.0+ is fail big time gimme a buz when you bring back co 1.0 :D

Oblivinator 12-30-2009 18:33


Umm.. Don't know. Either you know me or you don't. Simple.

*K*v11 12-30-2009 19:17

Veterans Guestbook = I think im cool for playing a mmo for a long time

xCrossFirex 01-01-2010 17:08



T.I.Marbury!?!? 01-02-2010 17:14

hio T.I.Marbury :p

XX Daywalker XX 01-07-2010 08:02

I would like to thank TQ to showing me how greed functions on this scale. I personally am only upset due to being suckered in to this game when I was smart enough to see the traps.

I have been addicted many times before and not to just a game to other things in life ( Not to serious things) but cigarettes was the most difficult to kick.

I learned that an addiction is seldom talked about on this forum as a serious event and the signs that may show an unwary customer.

With out getting in to much detail, I would like to say that I understand my history with these games and the reasons why they are created and how they work. However most here have a slight understanding of how dangerous these games are to your life, career and possibly your family.

Yes I don't blame TQ just like I don't blame companies that created weapons for war.

However TQ has been charged for greed and with that proven time after time we can see other faults in their company after we play the game.Its like playing at the casinos. You know they are there to steal your money but you really have no clue on the science that is mathematically applied to you as a person/client/customer.

I have played this game for over 4 years and I know that is not as long as others but I played it fair no bots, no scams, no nothing and as I grind and level I was armed with the understanding that I could put enough time in this game to be the best and there I went wrong.This is what most people who play this game think. "If I put enough money I can....." or "If I level enough I can reach that required level and ....."

Many play this game because of friends or that special enemy that they want to settle the score.When you step back and closely see that the game has plenty of bottle necks in the quests to foster problems.

I have much more to say but its unfortunate that the average attention span of this forum seldom reaches this far.

I just don't play any games I actually get a sick feeling now when I try to.Almost like I subconsciously am inducing it.

spambooot 01-07-2010 10:01


andyliuandy 01-07-2010 17:31

does tq rly think they can get vets to come back to this game?
ppl quit because tq ruined the game
game is now more fked up than ever ...

Anexea 01-07-2010 17:41

2 Attachment(s)
I guess so.

The first one was taken by a friend of mine, who killed the person who killed me in Dis. Liquid was me.

Second one is me on my old fire, fighting with my friends in jail, back when that was fun.

Good times xD

Nanahira 01-09-2010 21:33

*sigh* the good old days when lottery never existed when servers were still in beta mode

ilsu333 01-12-2010 00:07

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Originally Posted by Nanahira (Post 10937339)
*sigh* the good old days when lottery never existed when servers were still in beta mode

I miss those days... :-<

DrakeArconis 01-12-2010 19:59

hello everyone, i got the mail from tq about this, still not worth my time to bother loggin in though. LOL unless they've nerfed the hell outta ninja's????

have they, is the game even halfway balanced yet? or is it just ninjas and cheap shot tro's ruling gw? still

8307c4 01-13-2010 19:23


Originally Posted by andyliuandy (Post 10933745)
does tq rly think they can get vets to come back to this game?
ppl quit because tq ruined the game
game is now more fked up than ever ...

Maybe you need to take an extended break like I did ...
Because who in their right mind would play a game that angers them, how I saw things at one time.
Why should I subject myself to this insane cruelty day after day, I know before I login what it's
going to do to me so why should I allow this game to do that and why would I lower myself to this
level, all over a game are you kidding?
And then I quit, for good.
Well, almost!

Try not to laugh, it wasn't funny at the time.

I wasn't coming back and I was gone for a long time, it felt like 2-3 years, turns out it was only
one and a half years but it was so long ago that I couldn't even remember the day I left.

In the time away I learned and grew older a lot, coming back that is, I see things
different today like how my own attitude towards CO ruined a lot of things, too.

Like how I got so caught up in my own little world that I guess you
could say I no longer could see the forest because of all the trees.

I feel bad in ways but there's nothing I can do, what I said is history and
there is nothing I can do to change that but this alone is another lesson.

So then, whose fault is it?
Who knows, peace out, hope you feel better one day, too.

gryphon89 01-13-2010 22:59

I've been here since it used to only be Honor and two others in the Dreams group. I miss those old days, lots of new friends though. So it couldn't be entirely moot.

I'm sad though to see the entire game has turned into a d1ck measuring competition though, back then if you died you died, and didn't need to have a 17 hour long argument right after wards on why "You're a noob for killing me because...."

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