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Winddancer 10-04-2007 07:39

Reporting New Problems and Absolutely NO Spamming in FAQ (Merged)
Lately you guys have really not been paying attention to the rules in this forum on how to report new/old bugs.

- If there is a thread about this already, USE THAT! Do NOT make a new one, they will be merged anyways, so please spare us the time of having to do that.

- Search may not be up, but do scroll through the forum before making a new thread! And do check Community forum to see if there isnt already a stickied thread to report in.

- Most of the current bugs have threads in Community that GMs monitor, as it is easier to monitor 1 thread that 58 spread over 3 forums.

Some of the current bugs and their report threads:

- Servers that say FULL, Server down or cant be logged in to: HERE

- Freezing at loading screen: HERE

- Unable to get Log in screen: HERE

- Problem with the new anti-trojan program: HERE

ChaosDealer73 10-10-2007 20:23

Absolutely NO Spamming in FAQ
Of recent, there has been a bad spam issue in this forum. This is a support forum, thats it. Nothing more or less.

If your posts in someone's thread aren't providing suggestions on the topic or issue that the thread starter asked about, don't post. We want relevant information to the problem the person is having. If you do post with something that doesn't pertain to the issue at hand, your post will be deleted, and if you continue, you will be infracted.

If your thread isn't relating to a problem with gameplay, don't post here. This isn't a complaint forum for a down server or how much you dislike TQ. You are MORE than welcome to share your own opinion and ideas of TQ (given that it is following the rules), but keep it out of here. No exceptions on this. Posts replying to anything with a mere response of "TQ sucks" will be instantly deleted.

Follow these rules and everything will go a lot smoother. Consider yourselves warned.

ChaosDealer73 03-23-2008 07:00

In addition to what was said above, simply agreeing with people is not considered help. If someone above you says "oh, you need to do this to fix your problem" simply replying with "exactly" or "indeed" is not considered helpful.

On the issue of attitudes- don't get one. We understand that things can be frustrating, but yelling or cursing at others will not help your problem get fixed faster. This is especially important on the issue of botjailing and/or banning issues. The Moderators that run the FAQ section of the forum CAN NOT resolve character/account related issues like that as we are not TQ employees. When we tell you to email or contact someone, that is what you need to do because the GMs will not read the forum and come find you.


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