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BADMAN-2.0 06-25-2012 15:16

Any games out there similar to Conquer?
If anybody knows any games similar to Conquer in the following ways please point me in the right direction:

1. Can pk people and take their xp
2. People who pk get red named and can lose equips
3. PVP system that has some aim based system and takes some sort of skill instead of just pressing buttons in sequence
4. Engage in pvp w/o other person's consent LOL

Call me an *******... but I think that's what I liked about Conquer. I haven't played games in a while, so if anybody knows a game that has these characteristics please let me know.

I hope everybody is doing good.


Planes v1.0b 06-29-2012 17:20

Doubt it, people who play games nowdays are *****es and don't like that sort of thing.

Arronax 07-01-2012 17:25

counter strike. HERP DERP

Ryuzaki 07-05-2012 12:23

Ultima Online is the closest thing to conquer, but it's like 10 years older lol. It's still going strong, but you might as well just play conquer. You'll probably like conquer again if you bulk the **** out of your character lol. Who knows if I'm making bank when I get out of the army, I'll come back one day.

oh TBG, you should add me on facebook, - Zach Purdy, the one with a black coat/mohawk is me.

Ryuzaki 07-05-2012 12:33

Oh yeah, I remember Cabal Online requiring a decent amount of skill, and it was pretty flashy.

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