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Majdo 08-19-2012 03:21


Originally Posted by joey03 (Post 11743994)
i like the idea... but how can you stop the mass account making?
can do 1 per ip a week or so? no cause they can use a ip changing divice
1 account per e-mail? no cause it's easy to spam e-mails on hotmail

you would have to explain to them how to stop the mass account creating
there is no way to stop it... you need a gm on every server
or an idea i seen was a GM SERVER HOT LINE for botters

yup A gm on server will be nice to take them out **** after the new anti bot they are every where now especially at bird

Big~Daddy 08-19-2012 06:47

having a them confirm there accounts threw email wouldnt hurt either. when u sign up its sends u a link to confirm which would kill botting for awhile

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