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Alana 04-29-2005 15:45


ohhh same digits :D

Delusions equivilant to "777"

oh but wasn't he near that one bridge on the way to PK arena before? Oh well I just want to use him to see where my enemies are :p

X-PaiN-X 04-29-2005 16:08

889 :D

Alana 04-29-2005 16:12


SugaR 04-29-2005 16:13

891 ^^

X-PaiN-X 04-29-2005 16:20

892 ;)

SoLiDSeMTeX 04-29-2005 16:25

893 x_X

and today it went almost 100 posts... w00t?? Alana is an a spam spree!!!!

Alana 04-29-2005 16:27


the next chemistry???? hmmm.....................:p

SoLiDSeMTeX 04-29-2005 16:29


omgosh Alana!! you are so full of.... of... SPAM


Alana 04-29-2005 16:39


I happen to like spam :p

SoLiDSeMTeX 04-29-2005 16:43


omg CO forums are going to crash soon!!!

did u got error msgs about u posting too often? it says u can post only once each 30 seconds... happens to me when im reading posting on 3 diff windows.


Alana 04-29-2005 16:45


yeah that happend to me a few times. apparently you can't post immediately after your last one. :p

Happend to me a few times when Me, Delusion and Donkey were posting here.

BTW where is Donkey:confused:

SoLiDSeMTeX 04-29-2005 16:47


get rdy for the 900's

dun know where that donkey fled...

massive posting!!

now i need to sleep...

im tired

too much clickin, too much typing.

and my ex gf is mad again... coz i wanna sleep >_<


SoLiDSeMTeX 04-29-2005 16:49


(had to steal this number :p)


Alana 04-29-2005 16:50

900!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

Alana 04-29-2005 16:50

I'm not changing you double poster :p

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