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Ravish 03-15-2008 10:30

She's Just Oblivious

Link97 03-15-2008 10:33

Wasted Time - The Eagles

devilishlykatt 03-15-2008 10:36

Bjork-Alarm Call

I'm no ****ing Buddhist.. but this iiiisss enlightenment

Abandoned 03-15-2008 10:38

Amon Amarth - Where Death Seems to Dwell

devilishlykatt 03-15-2008 11:37

Weezer-Falling For You

Abandoned 03-15-2008 11:38

In Flames - Our Infinite Struggle

devilishlykatt 03-15-2008 11:41

Thursday-War All The Time

Standing on the edge of the palisades cliffs
In the shadow of the skyline
very far away, a lightning rod that couldn***8217;t pull the storm from me
I was 5 years old, my best friends older brother died
He fell from these cliffs
The river washed him away the current pulled him downstream
And our lives, float in the headlines
So we parked these cars in our parent***8217;s garage
Listened to the lullaby,
Of Carbon Monoxide

War all of the time
In the shadow of the New York skyline
We grew up too fast falling apart
Like the ashes of American flags

The sun doesn***8217;t rise
We'll replaced it with an h-bomb explosion
A painted jail cell, of blood in the sky
Like Three Mile Island nightmares on TV they used to sing us to sleep
They burn on and on like an oil field
Or a memory of what it felt like
To burn on and on and not just fade away
All those nights in the basement, the kids are still screaming
On and on and on and on

devilishlykatt 03-15-2008 12:05

Deftones-Be Quiet And Drive

This town dont feel mine
I'm fast to get away-FAR

I dressed you in her clothes
Now drive me far - away, away, away

It feels good to know your mine
Now drive me far - away, away, away
FAR away
I dont care where just FAR - away [x3]
And I dont care

FAR - away
And I dont care where just FAR - away [x3]

HaZarDouS 03-15-2008 12:09

My Leah.

devilishlykatt 03-15-2008 12:15


Originally Posted by HaZarDouS (Post 7743029)
My Leah.


Thursday-Autobiography Of A Nation

Write these words back down inside
We have burned their villages and all the people in them died
And we adopt their customs and everything they say we steal
All the dreams they had we kill
Still we all sleep sound tonight
Is this what you wanted to hear?
We erased all their images and dance
And replaced them with borders and flags

At the top of this timeline you'll remember
This is the lipstick on the collar and in my own life
I've seen it in the mirror sometimes at the cost of others hopes

So. Write these words back down inside
That's where you need it the most and without conviction of heart you will never
feel it at all
Yeah - We all dance to the same beat when we we're marching
Yeah- The TV tells us everything we need to know
And this scene is painting in all the fashions of the moment and history is all
the same

Everything you say you stole
Every dream you dreamt you bought
But I'm still here and we are all guilty

devilishlykatt 03-15-2008 12:19

The Postal Service-Brand New Colony

I'll be the grapes fermented,
Bottled and served with the table set in my finest suit
Like a perfect gentlemen
I'll be the fire escape that's bolted to the ancient brick
Where you will sit and contemplate your day

I'll be the waterwings that save you if you start drowning
In an open tab when your judgment's on the brink
I'll be the phonograph that plays your favorite
Albums back as you're lying there drifting off to sleep...
I'll be the platform shoes and undo what heredity's done to you...
You won't have to strain to look into my eyes
I'll be your winter coat buttoned and zipped straight to the throat
With the collar up so you won't catch a cold

I want to take you far from the cynics in this town
And kiss you on the mouth
We'll cut our bodies free from the tethers of this scene,
Start a brand new colony
Where everything will change,
We'll give ourselves new names (identities erased)
The sun will heat the grounds
Under our bare feet in this brand new colony
Everything will change, oOo oOo...

Link97 03-15-2008 12:26

Nothing - at the moment.

Will put some music on in a sec.

MexiMexi 03-15-2008 12:47

Sex Noises - Sex Volume Tape 6

Abandoned 03-15-2008 13:20

Slayer - Spill the Blood

devilishlykatt 03-15-2008 13:45

Incubus-The Warmth

I'd like to close my eyes, go numb
but there's a cold wind coming from
the top of the highest high-rise today.
It's not a breeze 'cause it blows hard.
Yes and it wants me to discard the humanity I know,
watch the warmth blow away.

So don't let the world bring you down.
Not everyone here is that ****ed up and cold.
Remember why you came and while you're alive
experience the warmth before you grow old.

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