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M1GZ 03-20-2009 18:15

Server: Mausoleum
Split or Merge: SPLIT!
Reason: To full.... DC during marketing / gw/flame lit/ Dis / TG . or if they could just sort out the DCing that would be great -.-

Jack.Black 03-20-2009 20:39

Centaur and Unicorn!!!!

So will there really be a merge?

Apoco 03-21-2009 00:45

Split snowwhite

Conondrum 03-21-2009 10:14

Server: Aquarius
Split/merge: Split

I'm only doing this to make Shrike/~SalvatioN~ happy and eventually shut him up :D:p

Fizzban 03-21-2009 12:32

Server: Aquarius
Spilt/merge: Either

ThePheonix 03-21-2009 13:41

Server: Aquarius
Split or Merge: merge
Reason: something to liven up the place, we need the change

Killa101 03-21-2009 13:54


Originally Posted by DarkRage (Post 10144523)
Please request server merges/splits here.

Post using the following format:

Split or Merge:

Split Requests:

Dragon - 2
Lightning - 1
Gryphon/Cerberus - 6
Saphire - 1
Snowhite/cinderella - 2
Triumph - 3
Lion - 1
Mercury - 1
Meteor - 1
Aquarius - 5
Cancer - 2
Dark - 1
Pluto/Jupiter - 1
Tiger - 1
Pyramid - 1

Merge Requests:

Saturn with Mercury - 1
Saturn with no suggestion - 1
Unicorn with Centaur - More than 30 now.
Honor with Justice - 25
Honor with no suggestion - 6
Emerald with no suggestion- 1
Blizzard with Volcano - 1
Blizzard with no suggestion - 1
Glory with no suggestion - 8
Pegasus with Tornado - 1
Aquarius - 1

DON'T repeat request. I will delete people who keep asking. ;)

ALSO people with few posts WILL be ignored to attempt to stop abuse of my system. :p


M.O.D 03-21-2009 14:55

Server: Aqua

Split or Merge: I really dont care as long as its something

Why: There is no one new, gw is boring and it just sucks

Reaver 03-21-2009 19:24

Server: Aquarious

Split/Merge: Split

Reason: its full of ****wits

Red~Rum 03-21-2009 19:26

woot woot unicorn centaur

too bad tq wont do it

bloodyfng 03-21-2009 21:47

server: scorpio
reason; SAME AS OTHER SPLIT REQUESTS, too laggy, too crouded, impossable to log on for quests unless your on an hour before it begins. even then, ya get booted half the time. im suprised nobody else from scorpio has said this. if u go to the chit chat scorpio, youl find about 12 diffrent split poles. not many ppl from scorpio go to the forum anymore, but were all probably still trying to log onto the server...

Shinoka 03-21-2009 23:39

Server: Myths Centuar
Split or Merge: Centuar and Unicorn

Raiujin 03-22-2009 01:46

Constelations - Scorpio
Almost all of the server wants it and it needs it badly!

Boagrius 03-22-2009 02:20

Server: SnowWhite/Cinderella
Split or Merge: SPLIT!
Reason: The server is too overcrowded and the lag is horrable

Ecaflip 03-22-2009 07:43

Merge Centaur With another server =]

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