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Master_of_tro 06-16-2009 09:49

Merge dark and water please.

Aphródite x 06-16-2009 09:59

Server : Water sucks merge with dark or other elements server

Reason : Its DEAD, too many bulkers joined one side :D

robertxtanase 06-16-2009 11:00

Server.Dark and water
Reasons:in dark is 1 side.that side is full with bulkers and people that cant play(second rb from there cant FB/ss) water is dead...

BabyBlu 06-16-2009 21:25

:D SPLIT ETERNITY! 2 many ppl o_o

zedo 06-16-2009 23:38

Server: Gem World - Turquoise

Split/merge: Merge

To/with: Nature - Any

Reasons: Not enough people at guild war. It's bad when a one man guild is able to win a guildwar. Also most towns are empty except for people doing armor quests. -jibberjab2.0

Alot of people quitting just because there is nothing to do. all skills fixed nice shiny gear.. and no one to kill. how fun? we need a merge ASAP. like within a month or 2 for the most. -DarkScorpion

I've killed all there is to kill on turq. I need-MUST HAVE fresh blood.

Kerri. 06-17-2009 01:44

I vote for a server split of the Lightning server in nature

jibberjab2.0 06-17-2009 04:06

Merge Turquoise.

To who: Anyone who wants to take on us Turq's

Reason: More and more people are playing less(less profit;)). Very few on it's only been a select 20-30 people every day.

DarkRage 06-17-2009 05:07

Marker post. All above added.

DeViLCaT 06-17-2009 05:26

merge turquoise its as dead as the dodo

Load 06-17-2009 11:36

Turquoise and Titan should be merged.

R|ch 06-17-2009 15:22

Merge Greatwall with ANYONE
hmmm when collosus merged with greatwall, collosus was really happy even tho we lost the first 2+months of guild war ... after we got our **** in line and started to dominate, the powerfull people from greatwall called it quits cause their little precious guild/ and two little girls couldnt take catching a beating. now its been over 4+months of boring gws :( yeah we are looking for a server that likes to fight the colossus rhodes war mongers :)


GREATWALL had really cowerdly people that couldnt handle loosing and no longer attend guild war and now we are bored and wanna fight :D

Jeann8123 06-17-2009 16:50

Split Neptune. Its full and hard to get in. And when I do its always hard to stay online :/

~LoRiDaBoY~ 06-17-2009 23:35

WildKingdom - Eagle

Almost every GW it will take u about 5-10 minutes to log in if u get dc from all the estimate to the amount of ppl that go to our GW is at least 200-300 ppl if not more..... thats not counting the ppl that sit around the rest the cities with there thumb up there arse :]

Sudoka 06-18-2009 05:43

Server: Fire
Merge: Fire to dark , or Fire to water or Fire to light
Reason: One sided guildwar is boring!

Jarkko 06-18-2009 06:35

Server: Nature - Sunshine

Split/merge: Merge

To/with: Gem World - Turquoise

Reasons: Theres no1 in jail, boring gw's, we need more new blood in sunshine :)

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