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xCrossFirex 04-15-2010 16:09


Originally Posted by ~OPTIMUS_PRIME~ (Post 11075210)
what do you drop? It's always been 5


Originally Posted by ~OPTIMUS_PRIME~ (Post 11078303)
330 isn't that hard to reach now-a-days


~OPTIMUS_PRIME~ 04-16-2010 07:14


Originally Posted by xCrossFirex (Post 11081332)

I've been claiming db's on the same account since I started playing

That one level 5 VIP has 4 characters fully equipped

mynameis13 04-16-2010 14:01

I won't be back for awhile...
I don't know when i'll be back playing conquer lol. Anyway i'm playing other games now. I left without being reborn and it's killing me... It sucks so bad not knowing u did basically nothing.. I also started playing like 2006 but seriously started in 2007 Editing:)

xCrossFirex 04-16-2010 15:49


Originally Posted by ~OPTIMUS_PRIME~ (Post 11082415)
I've been claiming db's on the same account since I started playing

That one level 5 VIP has 4 characters fully equipped

keeping in mind..TQ didn't include any previous purchases before the V.I.P bull****.
But either way man, your cool.


Originally Posted by mynameis13 (Post 11083042)
Ugh i need to play conquer again

you drunk?

~OPTIMUS_PRIME~ 04-16-2010 21:28


Originally Posted by xCrossFirex (Post 11083230)
keeping in mind..TQ didn't include any previous purchases before the V.I.P bull****.
But either way man, your cool.

lol, they kept everything since like January 2007 or something

EDIT: Jan. 1st, 2005

xCrossFirex 04-17-2010 00:47


Originally Posted by ~OPTIMUS_PRIME~ (Post 11083905)
lol, they kept everything since like January 2007 or something

EDIT: Jan. 1st, 2005

well thats odd, than my old char should have a VIP status to than, back when idiots gave me money to BUY there dbs. (Only if I got an additional amount of cash for doing it)

TurtleBoo 04-17-2010 00:49

Hai thar. I bet nobody remembers me.. :3
I quit like 3 years ago~ Whats up everyone?

Sobee101 04-18-2010 09:12

Iv considered coming back not quite sure yet seems like a lot has changed been looking into the classic server

Angtoria 04-18-2010 09:44

originally angtoria now Ultraviolet. seen my server go from 90% english speaking to 90% egys :(

~OPTIMUS_PRIME~ 04-19-2010 07:49


Originally Posted by Angtoria (Post 11086885)
originally angtoria now Ultraviolet. seen my server go from 90% english speaking to 90% egys :(


phadedout 04-24-2010 15:20

I played this game back when it didn't suck, their were no working bots of any kind (although you'd see people testing them here and there) and bulkers were just people you laughed at cause they all sucked at pvp and their bulking didn't make them unstopable (still 1 hit in FB). Plus I started the biggest war of any of the 3 original servers southpawbionics vs asylum...ppl from other serves would come over just to join in...even those ***s from mech wow i bet no one here still remembers this. Glad I didn't come back to the Classic CO either cause it looks like crap too.

Also I hope all the bulkers around when I left (Kylin->temple) are trash now. I figure if they dropped 3k usd then, it probably doesn't mean much now I bet people are dropping 5-6k to be top tier rendering their investment useless.

nicholascobalt 04-26-2010 13:04

Before I rbed my tro

I'll leave my outdated math links in my signature for future players who might come here, and a bug TQ fixed already.

Carnifex 04-26-2010 21:04

Carnifex speaking Sacerdos speaking, Gílgamesh speaking, EmperorXoctRavenWolf speaking lol

This game was fun in the very beginning until the ever so slowly detail that crept up behind was becomming more obvious. This Game is nothing more than about money, and for those that dont buy dbs, you will suck, not in skill, but just that you're at a disadvantage to those that do. I dont think people clarify that becuase they like to put noobs down because they are db buyers themselves.

I am also a db buyer/ f-king retard who made the mistake of many who wanted power in this game. When you buy dbs yes it's awesome, you're feelin good, you can now kick more people's arse. But when you realize that you cant beat everyone that buy dbs, that good feeling all of a sudden goes away, and you look at the gear you have like it were noobish.. just as you did before you bought dbs..

You will always be in the same place as you were before, and that is to be below someone, always to be weaker than someone. Why? because they bought more dbs than you at an earlier time, and somehow they keep having this money to toss aside and make their character stronger. These people continue to level, and they continue to become powerful than most characters at a much quicker rate. You will never beat those kind of people, if you are sane enough to realize that your money should be spent on things more important such as finances/car/girlfriend/family/food ect.

Yes my rant about db buying is over now :D and i would like to say that I have met alot of good people on this game that i have been playing since either 04 or 05... but a good amount of time i met people like Nivek_Dirge (awesome guild leader), Dark_Angel__ (when she used to play), Kayden (Awesome Firetao), Arkoid (Dude you know i wont forget about ya...)) back from old Snowfall and for those i've even seen today who still play Scorpio.

Never knew that the egy's would take over Conquer Online, but it just begun when there was the snowfall split to hanging gardens.. that was interesting but the gameplay still seemed fair.. there werent that many updates and the blasted lottery were not implemented yet.. oh yes SCREW THE F--k OFF LOTTERY YOU RUINED THE DB PRICES. -sighs- Lol yes i always hated lottery and um... oh yeah ARTISAN WIND YOU F--king A-HOLE >.< always stealing my mets and dbs... ANYWAYS I've met alot more people who made the game bearable and fun..

yes you may ask me why i still continued to play. Who would want to leave a game where you fight monsters taking their hp away with spells/attacks and jump and such? Yes the game sucks but in my eyes it was a game you could chat with people and have fun in an rpg style game at the same time...

It's the people with E-d1cks that truly ruin the game, those that take things personally on a video game and drama amongst those that play these games.. Generally it's kids who arent even old enough to afford using a debit card that are to blame but yet we tolerate this and live though it everyday we choose to log in and play along side them...

I will admit that i did enjoy how leveling got faster and how i pulled off making my warrior Gílgamesh from like lv 120 something to level 130 in a matter of DAYS like 3 and this was when the Frozen Grotto came in and that was awesome, i have my first 2nd rb WOOT. I do enjoy how we now have the Fighting Challenge event everyday we get exp from, that was another good thing about CO i actually liked despite the rest of their ****ty updates.

Dear hell... Toxic fog RUINED alot for the gameplay as it didnt matter if you had -7 pc damage gear on every single item you had , you would still get fogged, and you would still get pwn'd by a noobish zap or poison zap. talismans ruined everything now that archers can supposedly beat anyone....

The monsters could use a makeover it gets boring seeng the same ones for 4 years LMFAo and it ticks me off that they FINALLY MAKE THE 120 SHIELDS after I rb'd my Warrior lv 127 (reborn failure i know lol) and for hell's sake make the lv 130 weapon appearances for the rest of them already instead of just the Blade/Katana/Bow/Sword/Club/Backsword, yes we know those are popular but that is no excuse for TQ to NEVER update these for over 4+ f-king years...

My last words to leave my print on this thread lol

Just keep in mind that this is a game and it's easy to leave, the less time you spend, as it is harder to leave, the more time you spend LOL :P

xCrossFirex 04-27-2010 02:55

Jesus... I'm way to good looking to read all that.

Carnifex 04-27-2010 03:21

Lol long story short...

Only good part of the game was the new implements to gain experience and the friends to meet..

Those friends i've met i will not forget, even from the oldest times

Screw lottery you stole my dreams to afford dbs

Buying dbs is stupid and i learned from past experience

Umm.. Artisan Wind i hate you too

Kids under 18... take your pubescent e-d1cks somewhere else... we dont care for your hormonal dramas

Those above 18 who act like this.. grow up.. you should know better by now.. set a f-king example lol..

Toxic Fog screwed up the game, no matter what gear you had

You will never win against people who bulked before you, so dont bother trying

ffs update the monsters look, the weapon looks, and add more skills to the characters

Quit bein lazy Tq although you have always been that way... why beat a dead horse.. it wont make a difference..

Short enough ? ;)

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