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XLegendX 10-21-2007 01:13

1973 repped most ppl back that i could, if i missed repping u back, reply.. and ill rep u back,

Balador 10-21-2007 02:25

659 rep and growing :cool:

Still won't let me rep anyone... I'll be back in a few hours to get everyone i can

Pep me with ure name ind I'll rep ya back as soon as i can :D

Tecuh 10-21-2007 02:26


Originally Posted by Get0ffMyLawn (Post 6559318)
ok guys im all repped out for teh day i'll rep more in 24 hours just rep me and leave a name i'll return the favor as soon as i can :)

You poon.

Ibo 10-21-2007 02:48

Repped back a few and I almost got 4 bars so pplz keep up the repping and I'll rep back ;)

d0m1n4tr1x 10-21-2007 02:49

all pepped out again for the day, jus pepped random people, sorry if u got me an i missed ya (pm me)

DustiJade 10-21-2007 03:21

Just doing my early morning rounds ! hows everyone doing thanks for returned reps and dont forget to leave your names !! PEACE:p:p

NZ_bich 10-21-2007 03:26

Rep 4 Rep =d

Genie 10-21-2007 03:27

665 =]


Ps : Already repped those I could.

Whiz 10-21-2007 03:48


Originally Posted by Biibii (Post 6559313)
Bleh, i am boooored. ;(

Also, 462 rep.

Gratz to ur first shiny :D


Originally Posted by NZ_bich (Post 6559845)
Rep 4 Rep =d

Gratz to ur 2nd bar

Tecuh 10-21-2007 03:51

Peps are pepped for today.

blessguy 10-21-2007 04:15

How do u find someone who repped u if they dont post right after u o.O?

NZ_bich 10-21-2007 04:22


Originally Posted by Whiz (Post 6559899)
Gratz to ur first shiny :D

Gratz to ur 2nd bar

thx i cant rep yet for 24 hours =D so i ll rep when I can <3;)

Taavi 10-21-2007 04:25

i have heeps of rep and i can rep ppl :o

HaNdSoMe 10-21-2007 04:32

Got 2001 now,been long since i rep ppl xD

Taavi 10-21-2007 04:58

ppl who rep me atm,get rep bk fast =D

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