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gillianchung 10-11-2007 19:30

ok i think i can't pepper anymore but ill pepper you tomorrow :p:D

Fullmetal666 10-11-2007 19:30

Can anyone pep me by 10 or more so I can get my third bar?
I can return the favour tomorrow. :D

Keleso 10-11-2007 19:31


Originally Posted by gillianchung (Post 6479700)
hey i think i can still pepper people O_O

The answer to your question is yes.

The Avatars that I used for any length of time:

Attachment 18465Attachment 18466Attachment 18467Attachment 18468Attachment 18469

.†Brandøn†. 10-11-2007 19:32

peeppp plx

XLegendX 10-11-2007 19:34

me wan rep!

Valkyrie 10-11-2007 19:37

WTF Lame ;_;

I repped hardly 6 people and I get this 24 hour rule :mad:

tehOri 10-11-2007 19:38

hrn wheeee

Valkyrie 10-11-2007 19:41

Nevermind, it worked after refreshing a bunch of times >_>

1991 Rep

Will return the other half tomorrow I guess

*Napoleon* 10-11-2007 19:42


Originally Posted by trigeki (Post 6479664)
no its 1700 lol its every 200

thats what i meant shhhhh lols

Fullmetal666 10-11-2007 19:43

I only need 10 more until 3 bars.. :(

*Napoleon* 10-11-2007 19:44

i need 2 more rep :/

*Napoleon* 10-11-2007 19:45

Off to bed people gnight all have fun :)
Rep me while im asleep plx :o
I will be very happy if i wake up and i have second shiny :o

Gnight every!

*Starlet* 10-11-2007 19:50

2054 pep peeps

*Starlet* 10-11-2007 19:51


Originally Posted by .†Brandøn†. (Post 6479751)
peeppp plx

yo .†Brandøn†. i got you your next shiny

Fullmetal666 10-11-2007 19:55

Come on, someone gimme another bar. XD

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