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~*panda*~ 04-14-2019 16:14

So am I, I guess

trunks006 04-14-2019 16:27


Originally Posted by ~*panda*~ (Post 11986125)
So am I, I guess


MysticJustin 04-20-2019 09:29


Originally Posted by trunks006 (Post 11986127)

The world is a lie.

~*panda*~ 09-11-2019 13:54

dibs on that last post in repnep

trunks006 09-14-2019 15:33


Kitschi#5 09-23-2019 01:35

time to farm some rep

Ley 10-17-2019 19:28


Originally Posted by MysticJustin (Post 11981596)
No, but to be fair I left tfor like 5000 of the pages. At least I was around for the first post, that has to count for something lol.

I mean to be fair, this thread went through a period when there was a new entire page of posts in the time it took you to refresh the page. I'm not sure anyone could have kept up with that.

Anyways, here for my annual visit.

bob97 10-18-2019 16:50

Hello All!

uannaka1996 11-05-2019 08:19

Hope all is doing well :). Been 10 years since I was spamming the forums just to get maximum rep. Probably gonna visit again in a year.

Shikona 11-05-2019 10:35

I suppose I should pop in here every few months.

Borny 11-14-2019 15:42


Originally Posted by trunks006 (Post 11988478)

Is this you?

Shikona 02-27-2020 13:24

First post this decade!

CrestX 04-18-2020 13:43

dam been gone for years and its still going lol

Raintrail 05-06-2020 05:55

Old ass thread still alive lmao. The server I used to play on doesn't even exist anymore lmao

Angtoria 05-19-2020 06:45

Gib rep bleeeeeeez

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