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Dravie 10-14-2010 03:26

mmmm so much drama. i can just smell it. :p

JÚnovah 11-03-2010 04:03

Just stop to play conquer and come on World of Warcraft (there is real GM there ^^) :p

cerberous/KiRA 11-17-2010 13:29

...who teh heck r u? :confused:

kimo 11-12-2011 02:36

back :o

lol i remembered my forum account :D , and got my charc back =]

Only4Hahni 11-12-2011 06:28

cool welcome back i guess.

kimo 11-15-2011 04:48


Originally Posted by Only4Hahni (Post 11627006)
cool welcome back i guess.

thx ^^ , oh it's you on twix :p

Only4Hahni 11-15-2011 05:47

Yea i havn't played for almost two months though.

cerberous/KiRA 11-19-2011 22:24

hey hahni

Only4Hahni 11-20-2011 00:04

hi dude

Anti_Losers 11-23-2011 04:52


Originally Posted by Kekuu (Post 11327691)
Never trust an egy.

Was true 7 years ago and still is.

Kimo You Still Playin? oh my god rofl thats embarrassing man


Originally Posted by HappyNewYear (Post 11328105)
Kimo man make yourself clear :D
So lemme get this right...
You gave to Claudia your character "Sweetness" long ago couz u loved her :X (no comments here).
Suddenly u got an e-mail from TQ asking you to verify that you are the owner of the chars Sweetness and StarWars, because obviously Claudia that was playing on sweetness submitted a request at the co-help center after someone - of which we do not know yet- logged her account : Sweetness and tried to hack/steal her. (How can we know if that claim is even true?).
Then your e-mail gets hacked "out of the blue", the one that was registered at your accounts. However, you agree to give to Claudia full character info if you get your e-mail back. Even though Claudia blames you for everything, and even though you know her friend "Monika" or w.e hacked your e-mail.

How i see this ending :

Claudia getting full info of your account and assuring it is now hers and you cant do anything about it.

Monika hacking it from her and leaving her with nothing.

You getting your e-mail back - which is not much of a help since you already have a new e-mail.

Solution : KOS Sweetness and all her friends :D
eyty way winS!

rofl... Kimo playing this game since long time ago.. he lives between some scamers he know them in real life.. so he got an exprince to protect him self from scaming.. i quit this game since long time. but guess what.. when i read his thread i asked my self a question.. why when he got this email from CO or whatever.. why he didnt went the SC section online and insure this email for real :D... Conquer Still Full Of Drama


Originally Posted by Kekuu (Post 11328128)
Hacking someones email ain't really possible, unless that someone is really stupid.


Originally Posted by Dravie (Post 11363773)
mmmm so much drama. i can just smell it. :p

hahah yess.. Drama FTW

cerberous/KiRA 11-29-2011 13:52

and now i will use my awesome powers to make this thread die thus killing the cerb/gryph forum

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