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[Dycaite] 12-28-2005 07:32

The avatar above you is thinking...
Ok, for this game all you have to do is post what you think that avatar above you is thinking. Ok go :)

[Dycaite] 12-29-2005 00:12

The avatar above me is thinking "why isn't anyone replying to my post..."

Warrior-Knight 12-29-2005 02:04

saying...hmm i'm hungry

Swipe 12-29-2005 14:43

saying wow i'm so powerful,i'm a wannabe loin :D ^^ lol(no offense)

Silentiarius 12-29-2005 14:59

sayin, omg i farted again but i hope its gonna smell nice this time

ThaKochu 12-29-2005 16:10

saying omg im high from licking frogs:eek:

D3m0nly 01-02-2006 18:34

saying "ill lick ur balls then chope em off"

**diamondz** 01-02-2006 21:03

"Keep rowing that damn boat!"

erulisse 01-02-2006 21:08

i think its saying. christmas hat ftw.

AznArcher 01-02-2006 21:32

its saying "i can always make u smile"

seanb89 01-02-2006 21:35

saying im an asian n wanna be :cool:

AznArcher 01-02-2006 21:46

saying im a little nubby archer with no sockets and an elite bow.

erulisse 01-02-2006 21:52

yours is saying..

Aznarcher has gone, and came back.:confused:

**diamondz** 01-02-2006 22:55

It's saying " Let go of my mouth plz"

kk im off of bed.

AttG 01-02-2006 23:22

Its saying black n white can live together in harmony.


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