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odoto 04-15-2008 13:49

Water 110 -> Water advice
I'm reborning my Lvl 110 water for the first time and want some advice on what to do with her afterwards. Want to keep the water class and hope to be active in GW.

Should I make her a Melee water? If so, how do I choose a weapon and redistribute attrib points?

Or would you recommend a pure reviver for GW? (Don't mind not being able to "fight", just want to be able to participate and help out) If so, what kind of gear should I be looking to get for her?

Any other options?

IslandMan 04-15-2008 14:00

Whats the point of rb'ing a 110 water to water.....waste of time.

If you want to stay pure water, continue lvling to 130. If you don't, you will regret it later.

Maybe change your strategy....rb your water to warrior....go to 130...then 2nd rb back to Water.

FrozenFire 04-15-2008 15:01


Originally Posted by IslandMan (Post 7973198)
Whats the point of rb'ing a 110 water to water.....waste of time.

No such thing as a waste of time.. it's a char that they've worked on and they want to have fun with it. Not everyone needs 130-130-130 to have fun.

If you're giving advice, then do so. Don't just make people sound ignorant or stupid.

Odoto, IslandMan recommends that you try to take your water to higher levels (preferably 130) for getting maximum APs which will allow you to increase

If you don't have the means of getting to 130, then oh well. It's only a recommendation, what matters is what you want. Do you want this char to be only a pure reviver? It depends on how much time you want to spend on this game. Going to 130 for all your jobs is recommended and is the target of all hardcore/hardowrking players, it is one of the ways to make your character a little more awesome.

Getting a water to 130 will be tough, unless you have many 130 archer friends or plan on buying dbs from the site then I wouldn't bother with it.

Besides, how much life does a reviver need anyways?

Viccica 04-15-2008 16:05

Well if you want to be a melee tao I'd suggest going with a wand to level and a spear for gw.

Wands skill goes off quite a lot and makes leveling a good deal easier.

And speedgun for is amazing.

If you're tight on money though I'd go with a glaive. The skill isn't quite as good as snow, but it's got decent accuracy I think.

I plan on using a spear on my water tao when I rb though. =] But that's just me.

If you DO go melee, put enough strength when you reallot to wear your desired weapon, it'll say it in the weapon description. And have enough spirit so you have about... 1k-1.4k mana (enough for stig/soa a few times) and put the rest on vitality.

If you're going pure rev then absolutely nothing on strength, naturally since you'll be wearing a bs. And spirt to about.. 3k-4k mana. I'm not too sure on this though. never made a mana tao. =p

I personally prefer melee waters cause they're useful and can get right in the action. =p

odoto 04-16-2008 07:40

Thank you for your advice. Not looking to go 130 with this tao. I have other chars in the works which may go up to 130. Just want to have a bit of fun in GW since I've never been.

I've trained much of her water skills so I would like to keep her as a water tao.

Anyone have experience in being a pure reviver at GW?

Viccica 04-16-2008 07:46

Well in my eperience you don't need to rb a water to be a pure reviver. Since you pretty much keep the same stats after you rb if you want to do that. =p

You'll die even more easier than otherwise, though. Because not only will you have crap defense, they'll really be trying to kill you.

It's like throwing a bit of meat into a den of starving wolves, really. You're a water tao, they want you goooone. =p

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