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fchen 07-22-2004 22:07

Mod Appointment
~Fury has been appointed to be the moderator of the newcomer and Community forum..

Please join me to congratulating him for this promotion, and thank him for his outstanding support and help to this forum, this community, and all the Q/A for the new players, even before he is a mod. This title is well deserved by him..

We will be nominating a few new mods for this forum in the weeks to come. The main criteria that we look at include: helpfulness, fairness, activity level, etc.

If you think you qualify for such a nomination, pm me.


fchen 07-22-2004 23:10

also appointed today is zoeygirl, a well-known and well-respected name on this forum.

Please join me to welcome her to become the new mod of guild and community sections. She has vowed to make the forum a cleaner place, and i am certainly very looking forward to that.

fchen 07-23-2004 01:17

We have another addition: Ms. Yun_Li.. I am so excited.
This is going to be fun...

Star7 10-21-2004 22:40


Let's give warm applauses to

SloaksLady, the gread Mod of Newcomer, Phoenix and Emerald.

DarkEden, the gread Mod of Suggestions.

*applause *

Star7 01-09-2005 21:31

New appointments to Chit-chat
I am pleased to announce the new MOD appointments to Chit-chat:


Apparently, they are well-known and very helpful on this forum.

As the raising of Chit-chat, it takes over some roles of Community section, and releases the loads of Community to some extent. I believe that Chit-chat will grow fast in the near future. Mod Application to this forum is welcome!

Star7 01-23-2005 17:30

New Mods!
I am pleased to announce that Tanik, Falon and Figwit have joined our MOD TEAM! They are respectable and very active in the forum. Congratulations!

Star7 01-31-2005 17:51

New Mods!
NobodyYouKnow will serve all the Honor sections of the forum.

And Rediahs becomes the Mod of New Comer, Off Topic, and Chitchat section - Eagle.

I am sure they will be good Mods.

Another sad news is that our Great Mod DarkEden will take resignation. DarkEden has been very helpful and zealous in the forum. We wish him all the best.

Star7 02-03-2005 18:24

New Mod!
Hebby will serve all the Dragon sections of the forum.

Star7 02-23-2005 23:05

New Mod! DarkSheep!
DarkSheep will serve all the Eagle sections of the forum.

Star7 02-28-2005 23:41

AkiraXxX will mod all the Eagle sections of the forum.

It is a pity that Tanik resigned.

Star7 03-15-2005 00:07

New Mod!
Astri will mod all the Honor sections of the forum.

Star7 03-24-2005 00:11

+_Victor_+ will mod all the Tiger sections of the forum.

Star7 04-06-2005 19:51

bob97 is added to Justice Chitchat.
EliteDragon will mod Community.
matt_uk is added to Crystal Chitchat.


Star7 04-09-2005 23:41

solariseclipse is added to Chitchat/Lion :p

Dina 05-16-2005 03:45

The following players have been appointed our great mods. Congratulations!

FAQ (Trouble Shooting) - IceBich
FAQ (Trouble Shooting) - Darnell0216
Turquoise Trade - lokicane
Turquoise Trade - hotzy1982
Community - Dreams-Lord
Kylin Players Matchup - AlShaitan
Kylin Trade, Kylin Chitchat - Enia
Lion Chitchat - Monk4Life

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