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Lotak 11-19-2009 18:32

Rules about ranting
If you want to complain about the new server, fine I'll be happy to complain with you, however you MUST confine your rants to the specified ranting thread here.

I don't care how much you rant and I don't care what you rant about, as long as the language isn't "colourful" you can, within the rest of the forum rules, do as you please.

Any threads that I or any of the other moderators deem to be a rant thread will be moved instantly to the recycle bin unless it of utmost relevance which we will decide.

In fact, I figured you guys have a lot to rant about so you can use this thread as well.

[doubleedge] 11-19-2009 18:33

losers :)

looc 11-19-2009 18:35


/end rant

mugyou2 11-20-2009 14:52

how the **** do i level if i cant get to tombats. so many ***in archers. god dammit this is annoying. shouldve made like 5 servers.

Get rid of those *** thieves :( they keep killin meh with the Plains Thief narb.

OJCoxyy 11-20-2009 15:02

That's a rant and half! :O

Renjitsu 11-20-2009 15:43

Ranting have rules? That's bull****!

mugyou2 11-20-2009 20:50


GO BLUE!GO MAIZE! BEAT THE RED AND GRAY! i just pwned the buckeyes.

II Gorn II 11-20-2009 21:30

can i rant that im the 1st and only 130 on the server ?

bahana 11-20-2009 23:07


Originally Posted by II Gorn II (Post 10839603)
can i rant that im the 1st and only 130 on the server ?


Ivamol 11-25-2009 08:29


~Keith~ 11-25-2009 14:44

Rant about the rant rules.

mugyou2 11-26-2009 21:05

***YYYYYYYYYY where the **** do taoists train. they keep putting thieves everywhere in the waterfall. stupid steeds.

deanchan 05-27-2010 00:52


furbyjs 05-31-2010 11:05

I'll f****** rant

Hey guys, look at this!!!!!

SoMeRaNdOmNoOb 06-02-2010 17:35


is colorful.

that is all

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