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Lotak 10-04-2009 14:58

Polls for Classic CO
The bolded ones are recommended as per the rules in the Suggestions sections. If any of these other polls should be recommended or denied, please send me a PM. I cannot be ar*ed to go through each one.

Also, if any polls are missing, send me a PM with the link.

Remove Talsmans

Current +n Composition System

Old Jump Speed

Old Mining System

Bring Back Sunfer Bounty Hunter

DBs for VPs

No 2nd RB

No Ninja Class

Remove Item Lock System

Release EU server at the same time as US server


Blessing / Tortoise Gems

Alternate GW times for Classic and 2.0

Bound Items - Denied

VIP System - Denied

+n Stones - Denied

Hard_Slayer 10-04-2009 15:08

Oh, someone actually took the time to do this, thanks.

fabytron 10-04-2009 16:51

yeah thx, this thread should be sticky. Noone have made a lottery poll?:confused:

Lotak 10-04-2009 17:01

Whoops, forgot to lock the thread :o
And sticky it!


Lotak 10-29-2009 12:18


Any new polls need to be added, just send me a PM.

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