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TQSUK 06-07-2010 23:57

this is wht i been looking for a guild house, an area for the guild for the member to afk together bump...

Yoeri 07-29-2010 13:45


Originally Posted by SlayerZv2 (Post 11021551)
Own guild arena with pole (the pole just goes back to max hp after 0hp).
Own PKA: Rules can be set (ie. no hp/stam loss, effects (psn/stun/stig/etc.))
Trophies for each gw won or achievement.
Warehouse: guildies can put in items that they don't want and are willing to give to other members. (includes log of who puts in and takes out)
Visiting other allied guild houses.

Each "feature" of the guild house can only be obtained with x guild level and x amount of donations in certain category

Awesome idea, signed.

~Nicki~ 12-03-2010 03:00


Originally Posted by thehempknight (Post 11020340)
We were kickin around some ideas about having things tied in with guild donations. Like, maybe you can use the regular fund to purchase some basic furniture or functions of the house, and guild CPs for special unlocks or items for it. Flowers could give you a garden area and such... Maybe PKing could unlock some kind of little guild arena or something. That would actually be kinda cool. Hmmm....

GREAT IDEA...i was thinking some days ago about guild castles and castle system...that the guild war area will be a castle that the winning guild can hold it for 1 week and have some privs...but that would be hard...otherwise your idea sounds great..i would really love to see that (i have a great garden to make :D)....hope to see that

forasha 12-03-2010 03:26

FLOWER GARDEN <3 coz i liek having flowers etc and im orchid fairy and lily fairy

warlord2080 12-08-2010 13:12

Better yet make a sort of competition with guild members and award prizes of who wins in the in-guild contest*guild leader provides the prizes*. or at least have the option to make a guild house *fortress*.

BotHunter4Good 04-15-2011 09:46


Originally Posted by thehempknight (Post 11020313)
So we just had a few new listings come up in the system, and I was just wondering what kind of model you might be looking into, these days.
Spacious living area? Basement? Rec room? Perhaps you were big in sports and have a lot of trophies you may want to show off....
I just want to get an idea of what your needs are. Let us know!

Guild event in guild house = your own guild battling eachother for fun and achievement with the trophie up on the guild house wall :-)

MisterNoodle 09-24-2011 12:09

A boxing ring/ Pvp area would be cool. I'm big on scenery though. Make lots of waterfalls and stuff.

tetsujin 11-13-2011 14:35

A year and a half later....

Paper~DeidaraZ 11-13-2011 16:34

fail suggestion, no poll.

StillHeart 02-20-2012 02:34

I think a cool feature to add is:

Possibly as the guild expands and wins a couple gwars and contests the guild hall actually expands.

After each win, the guild hall is given a gwar or contest banner. And at a certain point it opens another room up.

And if anything, each guild member is given a room ranking in priority. So guild leader gets a big room, and if he has a wife then he gets a king bed lol. So on and so forth.

MyThirdAccount 02-20-2012 03:42

Might as well turn this into a spam thread.

kekekekeee 03-14-2012 14:15

and a year and a half later.... nothing has been added... besides higher level of houses except for the fact they are just other maps made into your house and called an "upgrade". lots of effort. if your not going to add this, then just close the thread of keeping it a sticky almost 2 years later.

Grumps95 03-22-2012 02:33

an arena like interface so you can CHALLENGE other guild members to fights...this will help sort out arguments and such that occur within the guild :cool:

Daprosta 06-25-2012 00:13

I would like to see a guild board in the house where guildies can put requests up the board for a reward where other members can take up the job and claims the reward after they finish.

Daprosta 06-25-2012 02:25

i would want to see a guild board put in where guildies can put requests on the board and whoever from the guild finishes this request can claim a reward from the guildie who put the request up (gold/cps-the harder the request-->the more gold/cps?)
i would also want a poker table in there so guild members can play together. This is because sometimes other people join in the poker game in the normal poker room which becomes a hassle.
A round table would be nice in there so GL,DLs, Managers and other guild members can discuss guild matters.
And as suggested from other players, the guild funds can be used to upgrade the house (please do not make it expensive.... not all guilds are rich)

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